Can You Sharpen Circular Saw Blades

Circular saw blades are highly versatile and durable. They offer precise finishes for various materials such as wood, plastic, and metal.

But can you sharpen circular saw blades? This post will give you a complete idea of which type of power saw a person can hone and how to do it.

Can You Sharpen Old Circular Saw Blades?

Circular saws have either steel-toothed or carbide-tipped edges. A user can effortlessly hone steel-toothed circular cutting tools using a tapered file.

Sharpening the saw of your own will decrease unwanted wastage and save you from spending additional money.

But, if it is a carbide saw “blade,” get a professional service to sharpen it.

Carbide is a hard metal. You need professional skills and advanced tools to make the edges of this complicated material sharper.

Inappropriate sharpening approaches will damage the teeth tips and round-u7.25p edges.

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What Tools Are Required To Sharpen Circular Blades?

What Tools Are Required To Sharpen Circular Blades

How to Sharpen a Circular Blade in Sequential Steps?

Step: 1—Inspecting the Blades’ Condition   

The first task is giving a close look at the circular saw. How long have you been using it? Does it have any rust? Is its edge too dull?

If your power saw has already become too old, sharpening them is no point. Replacing it is the best option.

But, if the cutting tool has not become too old and you just want to improve your cutting performance, it is worth sharpening it.

 Step: 2—Cutting a Piece of Wood   

Get a thin wood panel with a short length. Or grab a long wood panel and cut it at 15 and 20 degrees angles.

But the overall length of the wood should accommodate the taper file or sharpening stick perfectly.

Step: 3—Placing the Taper File or Sharpening Stick on the Wood

Keep the taper file or sharpening stick on the cut wood in a flat position.

Wipe everything from the circular saw table and place the wood along with the sharpening tool.

Ensure the taper file or sharpening stick sits perfectly in the gullet between the saw teeth.

Add a little pressure to keep the saw teeth appropriately in position.

Step: 4—Applying Sharpening Oil

Use honing oil on the sharpening stick to keep it protected and ensures a faster sharpening process.

It also helps you achieve better keen edges on metal blades. The sharpening tool will last longer.

Step: 5—Sharpening the Toothed Metal Discs

Now, start sharpening the power saw carefully.

Avoid spending too much time to hone each tooth. But a few teeth may need a little more time if the edges are too dull.

Generally, it takes around 10-15 minutes to make the power-saw edges sharper.

But remember directions matter for sharpening circular blades.

The blades’ edges should be sharpened in straight up and down movements. Avoid honing the blades at any angle.  

Step: 6— Cleaning the Power-saw Edges

Once you sharpen them enough, cleaning the power saw is crucial.

Don’t forget to remove dust and dirt from the sharpening stick to avoid wear and tear issues.

Cleaning the cutting tool requires you to soak it in a mixture of degreaser and water (1:2).

Remove the blade using a bench vice or clamps from the saw and immerse it in the mixed water for a few minutes.

Grab a soft toothbrush to gently remove dirt and debris from the blade edge. Once you clean it properly, soak it again, and dry it well with a fresh towel.

Apply an anti-rusting product such as WD-40 to protect the toothed metal discs for a long time.

How Often Is It Allowed To Hone A Circular Saw Blade?

Sharpening a power-saw edge up to three times is possible before replacing it.

Honing the cutting equipment for more than three or four occasions will not remove their dullness anymore.

But it also depends on the blade material quality and the types of things you regularly cut.

This type of power-cutting device usually stays sharp for up to 120 hours of continuous usage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth having circular saw blades sharpened?

It is worth sharpening this kind of cutting equipment to improve its performance and save money from buying a new edge.

Should you push or pull a blade when sharpening?

Push the blade initially until the last edge reaches the sharpening tool, then pull it until it reaches the first point.

What happens if you sharpen a blade too much?

It will make the edges excessively thicker, which won’t cut items perfectly. You will see too much wear and a shorter life span.

Last Words

So, still wondering Can you sharpen circular saw blades? Honing this cutting equipment is simple if you know the proper sharpening methods and own the correct tool.

But, if the cutting blades have tough material or have already become three or four years old, get a new one.

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