Best Table Saw Blade For Hardwood (Tested & Reviewed)

If you had a hard day trying to find the best table saw blade for hardwood, you have come to the right place. Finding such a table saw blade becomes a little challenging when multiple options are available, and you don’t know the essential factors to consider while buying it.

So, please keep reading this article because its only purpose is to help you get what you are looking for.

Top 6 Best Table Saw Blade For Cutting Hardwood

Below, let’s briefly describe the top 6 best tables saw blades to cut hardwood. By knowing in depth about these, you can make your purchase a bit easier. These are described as follows.

ProductNameDescriptionLatest Price
Dewalt table saw blades for hardwoodDewalt 10 inch Table Saw BladeMaterial
Number of Teeth
Saw Blade Combo Pack, 10 In., 60/32T
Item Weight
3 Pounds
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luckyway table saw bladeLuckyway 10 inch Table Saw BladeMaterial
#65 Mn for matrix;Tungsten carbide teeth
Number of Teeth
Compatible Material
Engineered Wood, Wood, Plastic
Check Price
diablo table saw blade for hardwoodDaiblo by freud Table Saw BladeMaterial
Number of Teeth
Compatible Material
Engineered Wood, Wood, Alloy Steel, Metal
Check Price
wen hardwood table saw bladesWen 10 inch Table Saw BladeMaterial
Number of Teeth
Compatible Material
Check Price
Tomax hardwood table saw bladesTomax 10 Inch Table Saw BladeMaterial
Number of Teeth
Table Saw
Compatible Material
Check Price
twin town hardwood table saw bladesTwin-Town Table Saw BladeMaterial
Alloy Steel
Number of Teeth
Compatible Material
Engineered Wood, Wood
Check Price

1. DEWALT 10-Inch Table Saw Blades

Dewalt table saw blades for hardwood
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Specially designed for your hardwood or engineered wood cutting, get this durable masterpiece table saw blade with 60 teeth.

Its rigid tungsten carbide stays sharper for longer, and the blade ultimately performs well on longer cutting needs.

Including this, it will only take seconds to become part of your table saw. One can start using it right after the moment you’ve installed it on your saw.

With an arbor size of 5/8, the blade gives refined, smoother, and better cuttings to every type of wood. Moreover, Dewalt recommends this blade usage with the milter saw and slide milter saw jobs.

The Good Sides

  • Very cheap
  • Quality construction
  • Good quantity of teeth
  • Cuts sharper and smoother
  • Durable and works longer

The Bad Sides

  • These blades are not recommended to use on thicker materials

Why Should You Buy This?

One of the prominent reasons to buy this saw blade is its quality and smooth cutting. On top of that, you can install it very quickly on a miter saw or table saw. Besides, it works so well for cutting most engineered wood items.

What’s So Special About It?

The best thing most customers like about this branded blade is its low price. You don’t spend much but still get a quality table saw blade.

Check Dewalt Table Saw Blade Price At Amazon

2. Luckyway 10 Inch Table Saw Blades 60T

luckyway table saw blade
Check Price Amazon

Do you often need to cut plywood, hardwood, chipboard, panels, cross-cutting softwood, or perform other wood-cutting jobs with a table saw blade?

Find this Luckyway 10-inch table saw blade a perfect instrument to perform all wood-cutting duties. It comes with a total of 60 teeth and a 5/8 inches arbor.

The tungsten blades are solid and work great to cut extensive-duty wood. One can buy this blade in multiple teeth sizes, including 80 teeth and 12 inches blades with up to 100 teeth.

In addition, the blade performs ideally for the smoothest and sleekest cuts and better performance on a more prolonged basis while providing you value for money.

The Good Sides

  • Best blade to cut solid wood material
  • Available in a variety of sizes and tooths
  • Give smoother and excellent finishes with accurate cuts
  • Durable
  • Quality blade with quality construction

The Bad Sides

  • Not recommended to use it after 100 cuts
  • Ensure to keep the blade tight

Why Should You Buy This?

This blade doesn’t leave any reasons to make you hate it. It returns a high value for the price and gives smoother and better cuts with perfect edges. It can be used on the table saw, and installation is quicker. What else do you need?

What’s So Special About It?

One of the most remarkable things you will like about this blade is its general usage for cutting all types of wood. Use it for hardwood, chipboard, plywood, and other wooden stuff.

Check Luckyway Table Saw Blade At Amazon

3. Diablo by Freud Saw Blade

diablo table saw blade for hardwood
Check Price Amazon

Another 10-inch blade with 60 Tooth is here to become a focus of your attention. Many customers have purchased and used this blade by reviewing its high durability.

You will get it with the Carbide construction, and it’s recommended for cutting engineered wood, alloy steel, and even metal.

That’s a great thing to know about this Freud 10 inches table saw blade because the blade is durable enough to give fine cuts to that hardwood.

Instead, we have this blade with Parma Shield Non-Stick coating, which protects the blade from heat, gumming, and corrosion on a more extended run.

The Good Sides

  • Blade cuts smoother on hardwood
  • Significantly cheaper and comes with 60 teeth
  • Durable and exceptionally protected against rusting
  • Constructed out of high-density carbide material
  • Very easy to install

The Bad Sides

  • Increased tear outing of wood
  • Please don’t buy the expensive units as they may not be that durable

Why Should You Buy This?

You will be happier after spending money on this blade because it shows its benefits over the longer run. They have made it very durable, and it doesn’t rust even by spending this less.

In addition, it can even cut those mild steel alloys and some other metals on the table saw.

What’s So Special About It?

The best thing you’d fall in love with this blade is its excellent value against the lower price. Many positive reviews make it the center of your attention for using it to cut hardwood.

Check Diablo Table Blade Price AT amazon

4. WEN BL1040 10-Inch 40-Tooth Carbide

wen hardwood table saw blades
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Made out of heavy-duty carbide, this table saw blade comes with only 40 teeth. Such specifications may not be suitable for cutting rigid-duty wood such as hardwood.

But still, the blade stands well for several tables saw wood-cutting applications.

It has the same diameter of a 5/8 inch arbor as we have seen with the above blades. One can get their rating up to 6000 RPM, which is significantly faster to have a smoother and perfect cut.

So, spend a little money on your general-purpose wood-cutting jobs.

The Good Sides

  • Quick Installation
  • Thin blades that give smoother and faster cut
  • Best for general-purpose cutting needs
  • Durable
  • It comes at a low price

The Bad Sides

  • Not recommended for performing extreme duties

Why Should You Buy This?

Buy this masterpiece because of its faster cutting speed and perfectly designed tooths. You will have it for performing multiple cutting jobs, and you can fix it over multiple wood-cutting platforms.

These include those miter saws, table saws, Jobsite saws, and others.

What’s So Special About It?

The perfect thing you’ll like about these blades is they are very thin. The thinner the blade is, the better it cuts through a plank of wood or material.

Check Wen Table Saw Blade Price At Amazon

5. TOMAX 10-Inch 80 Tooth ATB

Tomax hardwood table saw blades
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This second last product, a table saw blade for hardwood, comes with 80 teeth. It’s a giant-sized blade that is made with carbide material.

A person can use this masterpiece blade to perform cutting jobs with different woods.

It also comes with an Electrophoretic Coating that reduces the rusting and corrosion of the blade over a longer run.

Moreover, the seamless installation is quicker for all types of milter and table saws so that you may use it according to your needs.

The Good Sides

  • Bigger and more tooth
  • Excellent durability
  • Finest cutting for most wooden applications
  • Quick installation over milter and table saws

The Bad Sides

  • Sometimes, it may not work on hardwood if not installed properly

Why Should You Buy This?

This blade becomes a suitable cutting solution for your daily wood-cutting jobs if you are looking for a heavy-duty and reliable blade at a lower price. It comes with unique features and faster cutting. Also, an amateur can install it quickly over the milter or table saw.

What’s So Special About It?

Everything is unique about the product—the maximum quantity of teeth, a protection layer to protect it from rusting, and extreme duty construction. But the price would surprise you more.

Check Tomax Table Saw Blade Price At Amazon

6. TWIN-TOWN 10-Inch Saw blade

twin town hardwood table saw blades
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Last but never least on this list of some best table saw blades for hardwood is this Twin Town 10 inches blade.

It comes with an elegant but simple design. Get it with the C4 Construction grade tungsten carbide teeth that provide the demanded resistance and longer life.

It also delivers up to 600 RPM speed and is best to use over a milter and table saw.

The Good Sides

  • One blade for all cutting applications
  • Thin blades with 60 teeth
  • It makes less noise while cutting
  • Cheaper
  • Durable

The Bad Sides

  • Performance is average, according to some buyers

Why Should You Buy This?

There are enough reasons to spend your bucks on this product. It has a durable construction, makes less noise while cutting, and fits easily on most cutting platforms. Have it to cut the plywood, hardwood, and other heavy-duty woods with fine finishing.

What’s So Special About It?

Hardly you’ll find such a great quality blade at such a fantastic price tag. Use it with its low blade wrapping and ultimate vibrating that keeps the blade cool while performing cuttings.

Check Twin -Town Table Saw Blade Price At Amazon

What To Consider When Choosing A Table Saw Blade For Cutting Hardwood?

Before you step further and look for all the table saw blades described in this post, it’s better to guide you through some essential factors.

Before purchasing this, you must know about them because these factors educate you enough to spend your money on a worthy product.

When choosing a perfect table saw blade that can cut that hardwood perfectly, please consider what you should consider.


Depending on what best fit your table saw, one can choose 12 inches, 8 inches, or 10 inches blade.

Always measure the cutting platform speciation so that the installation must be easier and most compatible.


Use a premium blade constructed with advanced technology and better material. Do not put your money over inferior constructed wood-cutting blades and those with many negative reviews.

You won’t get the maximum out of your money, and such a blade will not work for hardwood or cutting other hard materials.

Blade Material

While choosing a blade for a table saw, check the material with which it is made. Usually, the blades that are highly durable and perform better cut are made with tungsten carbide material.

But the stainless-steel construction is nonrusting and durable as well.

Blade Diameter

Blade diameter is something we take similar to the blade size. To fit on a table saw wood cutter, you must get the 10 inches blade. It would be a good purchase and provide quick installation.


The thickness of a blade is the measurement of how thick its teeth are and how well they will perform the job. For a table saw, you can rely on a 5/8 inches thicker blade that would be best to cut hardwood and other hard materials.


Cutting hardwood with a table saw blade should come between 40 to 60 teeth. But more is always better because it comes with sleeker teeth and provides faster cutting.


Always ensure that your chosen blade comes with an excellent coating of pure materials. Such coating ensures the more extended durability of the blade and keeps it protected against rusting.


A standard-sized table saw blade doesn’t weight much. There is nothing crucial to know about its portability. Therefore, always get the most compatible blade regardless of its weight. But usually, it will not weigh more than 2 to 3 pounds.

Additional Feature

You won’t mind if your blade features more good things at the same price? Yes, we like that stuff a lot.

So, look for a blade that makes less noise, doesn’t get much hotter while cutting, and comes with other good features. This way, you’ll make a handsome purchase for your following hardwood-cutting projects.

Tips For Using A Table Saw Blade For Cutting Hardwood:

Whether you are a professional performing table, saw cutting, or a beginner, please keep in mind the following jobs while doing such work. These would keep you safe and provide efficient and effective cutting over hardwood.

● Keep a rigid and stick base under the feet of the table saw

● Use the saw for cutting wooden materials crosswise and lengthwise

● Keep the correct height of the saw while performing cuttings of hardwood

● Never put your hands on the table you have installed the table saw or alongside the projected piece

● Use a push stick to remove the cut pieces; never use your hands

Use gloves and wear glasses so that the wooden pieces might not affect your hands and eyes

● Stay relaxed and focused while cutting

Can A Table Saw Blade Cut Hardwood?

A table saw blade is a new but officially essential tool that helps you create or cut better wooden pieces.

It doesn’t matter if you have hardwood, plywood, or any manufactured products like the MDF; you only need a fantastic table saw blade.

And guess what? You will be faster at cutting wood while creating your desired pieces.

What Type Of Table Saw Blade Is Used For Cutting Hardwood?

One should try using the Rip Blade because it is one of the best saw blades to rip out hardwood and cut it completely.

They have designed these rip blades only for cutting through several wooden fibers.

And if you want to achieve a clean edge by effectively cutting hardwood stuff, this Rip Blade is perfect for you.

In addition, such Rip Blades come with 10 to 40 feet teeth. However, these teeth are much smaller in size but will be heavy duty to run thoroughly through the grain and give a quicker cut.

How Many Teeth Table Saw Blade Is Best for Cutting Hardwood?

The selection of the teeth of a table saw blade depends on how thick the wood is, which you are going to cut. For example, a table saw blade with almost 25 to 40 tooth blades would be great for cutting solid wood or hardwood.

However, using a 40 or 50-tooth blade with multipurpose working functionality will also work better for you. Still, we are afraid it will take a little longer to cut that wood.

Moreover, if you want to perform cross-cutting wood or use that table saw blade for sawing plywood, you must use the 40 to 80 teeth blade.

Each type of wood has a different configuration for using these blades that help maximize the cutting process.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Size Blade Do Most Table Saws Use?

Most table saw uses 10 inches blade.

Are More Teeth On A Table Saw Blade Better?

Blades having more teeth brings extra smoother cuts. In contrast, the blades with fewer teeth help you remove the material faster.

Last Words

It’s absolutely fantastic to use a table saw blade to cut hardwood. But if you haven’t done your homework to buy the right one for yourself, you might always end up in vain.

So, read this guide thoroughly and help yourself make a wise decision. Also, let us know if we can be helpful in any other matters.

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