Top 10 Best Planer For Beginners In 2023 (A Perfect Tool For DIYer’s)

Woodworking planers are used to build furniture mainly for corrections. The planers can be used to square up an edge, and straighten pieces of wood. However, to get the most out of your woodworking project, it is best to use both the planer and jointer.

A good planer can smoothen rough-cut wood. A cutter head may be used to cut the wood, but the planer levels the wider stock. Most planers are able to extract 3 mm per pass.

So you see, it is an essential woodworking item that you must have in your toolbox. You can get to know more about this amazing tool if you keep reading.

Check Out Our Top Brands Planer For Beginner

Stanley Hand Planer Stanley Hand PlanerItem Dimensions
10.7 x 2.8 x 6 inches
Item Weight
2.75 Pounds
Check Price
Amazon Basic Hand planeAmazon Basic Hand planeItem Dimensions
10 x 5.5 x 2.6 inches
Item Weight

3.8 Pounds
cast iron body
Check Price
great Neck hand planergreat Neck hand planeItem Dimensions
11.2 x 2.9 x 5.5 inches
Item Weight
3.35 Pounds
Alloy Steel, Plastic, Iron
Check Price
Kakuri Block plane Kakuri Block planeItem Dimensions
5.9 x 2.1 x 1.6 inches
Item Weight
0.25 Kilograms
High Carbon Steel
Check Price
DEWALT Portable Hand Planer Dewalt Hand PlanerItem Dimensions
7.8 x 17 x 10 inches
Item Weight
10 Pounds
Power Source
Corded Electric
Check Price
WEN Brushless Cordless Hand PlanerWEN Brushless Cordless Hand Planer Item Dimensions
‎12.2 x 9.2 x 7.3 inches
Item Weight
8.98 pounds
Power Source
‎Battery Powered
Check Price
PORTER-CABLE Hand PlanerPORTER-CABLE Hand PlanerItem Dimensions
14.63 x 7.75 x 8.25 inches
Item Weight
8.34 pounds
Power Source
Corded Electric

Check Price
BOSCH Hand Planer with Carrying CaseBOSCH Hand Planer with Carrying CaseItem Dimensions
17.75 x 14.5 x 7.25 inches
Item Weight
6.3 Pounds
Power Source
‎Corded Electric
Check Price
Mophorn Thickness PlanerMophorn Thickness PlanerItem Dimensions
‎24 x 17.5 x 14 inches
Item Weight
86.9 pounds
Power Source
Corded Electric

Check Price
Grizzly Benchtop PlanerGrizzly Benchtop PlanerItem Dimensions
24 x 14 x 18 inches
Item Weight
73 Pounds
Power Source
Corded Electric
Check Price

Types Of Planers

Planers are classic, simple tools that were quite popular back in the day. Instead of rushing to get your woodwork done, you can go nice and slow, and enjoy the therapeutic effect.

Electric Planer

For thickening stock, there is nothing better than a planer that is automatic and runs on electricity saving you muscle energy. Come to think of it, there are as many as four types of electric planers you can choose from to do your job.

Here are the descriptions of each.

1. Automatic Hand-Held Planer

Automatic Handheld Planer

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Because of speed and precision, automatic hand-held planers are a favorite of everybody. The blade  in this spins instead of staying static, which is common in manual planers.

Even when you are only opting for a shallow grind, the blades of this baby can be quite swift. So if you are not careful, you may end up making big mistakes!

2. Bench-Top Planer

Bench Top Planer

Check Price Amazon

A bench-top planer is too big to hold in your hands but small enough to sit on the workbench. This electric planer can be used for small pieces of lumber. The downside is that you can not use this for intricate work.

3. Stationary Planer

Stationary Planer

Check Price Amazon

The stationary planer is serious equipment that you must not take lightly. It is suitable for big projects and demanding tasks. Just not as big as an industrial-grade planer, that is all! You can guess from the amount of workload and versatility, this electric planer is also quite heavy on your pocket!

4. Molding Planer

Moulding Planer

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You are more likely to find an electric molding planer at a workshop. It is apt at molding and handling chunks of wood for different types of projects. Just like the stationary planer, the electric molding planer is recommended for use by professionals in the field.

Manual Planer

When you hear ‘manual’, you may start imaging a traditional tool that needs a lot of muscle power to operate and takes ages to get the job done. But, it does not have to be that way.

Do you remember the idiom- “slow and steady wins the race”? That applies here. What is done steadily and with mindfulness produces better results than things down too quickly.

Now, let us leave all that jargon behind, and read about manual planers that are going to blow your mind!

1. Hand Planer and Two-Hand Planer

Two Hand Planer

check Price Amazon

The most basic of planer is the manual hand planer. You have to use your hands to adjust and shape the cut and dimension of the lumber.

The two-hand planer has handles on both sides for maximum control and precision. It will impart swift and soft motions to cut lumber.

Don’t let it manual feature fool you. It can easily take out boards up to 12 inches and 13 inches in width!

Not convinced yet? Watch this video to learn how to use a one or two-hand planer.

2. Combination Rasp Planer

Combination Rasp Planer

Check Price Amazon

A combination rasp planer is a versatile tool to flatten and layer lumber, laminates, soft aluminum, plastics, and fiberglass. Some people even compare it to a cheese grater because it can remove filler and plaster as well.

3. Flat Plan Bottom Edge

Flat Plan Bottom Edge

The last manual planer on my list is the flat plan bottom edge hand planer. If you want to work on multiple projects, do not look at this one. You can only manage to shave off lumber slowly but surely.

Since you can see your progress in every stroke, the perfection of craftsmanship is improved. Moreover, this planer is super cheap. So, in my opinion, use this planer if you are into DIY projects!

Which Type Is Better For A Beginner Woodworker

A beginning woodworker should start from the basics. Manual singular or two-hand planer, and automatic hand-held planer are the best options for someone just beginning in carpentry.

What Are The Purposes Of Using Planer?

Why you should be getting a planer, you say? Because  of the following reasons.


A hand planer lets you smooth out any wood surface removing all minute sticking parts, and making it safe to touch.


Nobody can produce a great piece of art with uneven wood pieces. For aesthetics and convenience, the wood has to be leveled evenly with a planer.


Chamfering the wooden pieces eliminates sharp edges and the possibility of injuries on the part of those who are handling the work. A planer chamfers material for easy assembly.

List of Products: Best Planers for Beginners

Let us look at my favorite planer kits for beginners as of now!

STANLEY Hand Planer

Stanley Hand Planer

Check Price Amazon

If you ask me to suggest a single best-hand planer that can do it all, I’d say it’s nothing but the STANLEY Hand Planer.

You name it, durable, portable, and easy to use; this one right here can easily stand a place in your top priority list!


  • Coming in a base of top-notch cast iron, each side and bottom of the STANLEY is of precision-ground. Furthermore, the epoxy coating, tempered steel edge, and hardened surface ensure excellent durability and longevity.
  • For your convenience, you can manually adjust the cutter, making accurate alignment and depth control without much effort.
  • Weighing only around 2.75lbs, you’ll find its weight much lighter, helping you transfer it with ease from home to your workstation.
  • This Manual planer features polymer handles. On top of that, the knobs it comes with are carefully polished to let you get a comfortable hold.


  • Epoxy coating and hardened surface make it durable
  • Lets you make precise cuts with its adjustable cutter
  • Well-polished knobs ensure a comfortable hold


  • Knife controls appear to be tiny!

Why Should One Buy This One

For those needing a durable, easily adjustable, and lightweight planer without breaking their banks, STANLEY Hand Planer can definitely be an ideal option!

Check Stanley Planer At Amazon

Amazon Bench Hand Planer

Amazon Basic Hand plane

Check Price Amazon

If outlook and quality both matter to you, I’d say go with the Amazon Basics Smoothing Bench Hand without thinking twice. Let me describe its striking specs.


  • For providing eventual strength and stability, the Amazon Basics Smoothing Bench Hand has got you covered with its sturdy frame made of high-quality cast iron.
  • Additionally, it combines alloy steel blades, enabling users to make even and precise cuts.
  • Talking about the gripping, this one features countered grip with a wood handle that is resistant to impact.
  • Achieving accurate results is a breeze, thanks to the adjustable gear it comes with.
  • The adjustable hand plane is not only good for woodworking, but it suits carpentry projects as well.


  • Features a stylish and modern look
  • Cast iron frame and alloy steel make it more stable and durable
  • Easy to hold for its convenient wood handle
  • Ideal for both carpentry and woodworking applications


  • Blade gets fragile too early at times!
  • Chip-break isn’t the best in terms of quality!

Why Should One Buy This One

Are you looking for a beginner-friendly hand planer that is stylish and functional simultaneously? If yes, then try out the Amazon Basics Smoothing Bench Hand.

Check Amazon Basic Planer At Amazon

GreatNeck Jack Plane

great Neck hand planer

Check Price Amazon

Beginners often find it challenging to control a hand planer. But that won’t be the case if you get your hands on the GreatNeck C4 Bench Jack Plane. Find out its jaw-dropping specs given below.


  • It doesn’t matter whether the wooden surface is rough or even; you can smoothly control it over any surface with the assistance of its plastic ergonomic handles. In addition, GreatNeck comes in double gripping areas, helping you work in the easiest way possible.
  • The steel cutter is of alloy steel, which lets you smoothen rough surfaces within no time. That said, it requires frequent sharpening compared to my other choices!
  • As for the body, you’re getting a cast iron frame right here. Moreover, the manufacturer has polished it in such a way that it will last longer than usual.
  • Last but not least, users can easily adjust the blade using screws and a lever.


  • Features dual ergonomic handles to make it more beginner-friendly
  • Comparatively budget friendly
  • Smoothens rough surfaces with its top-class alloy steel blade
  • Adjustable blade with a combination of cast-iron, steel, and plastic frame


  • The blade loses its sharpness quite often!
  • Adjustment methods are a bit complicated for someone!

Why Should One Buy This One

As a beginner, you can find the GreatNeck C4 Bench Jack Plane way easier to operate; the credit goes to its dual ergonomic handles.

Check Greatneck Jack Plane At Amazon


Kakuri Block plane

Check Price Amazon

Do you have any cravings for Japanese products? Well, I’m going to wrap up the list with a Japanese block plane from KAKURI. This is best known for its ultra-lightweight structure.


  • This manual planer weighs only about 0.55lbs, making it the most lightweight hand planer on this list. So, by detaching the blade, you can easily take it with you anywhere, keeping it inside your small bags.
  • Despite being tiny, it can work like a beast with its razor-sharp Japanese steel blade. So, let it be wood polishing, straight carpentry, or angled cuts; it can do it all!
  • Its heavy-duty wooden body can withstand heavy pressure and is able to resist wearing. Apart from that, its small structure lets you hold it with ease using your single hand only.


  • Extremely lightweight and small in size
  • Japanese steel blade makes precise and versatile cuts
  • Durable and known as a wear-resistant Japanese planer
  • One of the best choices for beginners and DIY-ers


  • No specific grip is included for gripping!
  • The blade may get stuck if you operate it incorrectly!

Why Should One Buy This One

If you’re looking for a small and lightweight manual planner that gets a Japanese blade, simply rely on the KAKURI.

It holds sharpness and can be used for both smoothening and polishing wood!

Check Kauri Plane At Amazon

DEWALT Hand Planer Kit (Best Electric Planer For Beginners)

Dewalt Hand planer kit

Check Price Amazon

Also check out difference between Grizzly & Dewalt


  • The hand planer has a 5.5 amp motor power to provide the best varnish to woodwork.
  • It can churn out 34 000 cuts per minute for efficiency.
  • The blades of dewalt are reversible carbide with upgraded material and blade life.
  • A depth adjustment knob attached to it can be calibrated to 1.5 mm approximately.


  • The unit would not slow down no matter how many cuts you make.
  • This kit includes everything you need to set up, sharpen, and transform your woodwork.
  • A warranty of 3 years ensures you can use it for a very long time.
  • The kit includes a range of goodies, such as a socket wrench, rabbeting fence, dust adaptor, and blade depth setting gage.


  • It is difficult to use on wider boards.
  • You may notice that it clogs upon any setting that is over 0, especially with sawdust.

Why Should You Buy This

Although the motor is powerful, it is noisier than other models. The air intake port may be too small, but the blades are just superb in every way.

Some people do not like the dust collection attachment due to the 90-degree bend. Regardless, if you are passionate about your projects and want to get them done as soon as possible, look no further!

Check Dewalt Planer At Amazon

WEN 20653 Hand Planer (Best Wood Planer For Beginners)

WEN 20653 Hand Planer

Check Price Amazon


  • This planer can provide upto 26 000 cuts per minute leveling surfaces.
  • Rabbeting can be calibrated from 0 to 1/16 inches for inch-deep rabbets.
  • Turn the front knob fine-tune the cutting depth up to ⅛ inch that has a positive stop of 1/128 inch.
  • It includes a 4-ampere lithium battery for consistent charging and to run the LED charge gauge.


  • This one is a cordless hand planer so you get a nice and strong battery.
  • With every purchase, you receive a battery charger, a rabbeting guide, a kickstand, a v-shaped base plate groove, a dust bag, and a parallel fence bracket.
  • You can shape any lumber 10 to 15 times faster than with a belt sander.
  • The price is just right for the great work that it does.


  • Because the chip collection bag fills up quickly, you have to replace it very often.
  • Without a lock on the depth control knob, you may accidentally twist it during cutting.

Why Should You Buy This

Even a novice can smoothen a rough piece of wood in a few minutes with this planer in hand. In fact, even if it is a 200-year-old wood that you are working on, this planer will smoothen things up superbly!

Additionally, if you have a door that does not close, smoothen with this planer. You don’t even need a carpenter for that!

Check Wen Planer At Amazon

Porter-Cable Hand Planer

Porter-Cable Hand Planer

Check Price Amazon


  • You can get this hand planer with a Bluetooth speaker and LED area light.
  • Cut through any hard material with its 6-amp motor power and 16 500 rpm.
  • For firm control and excellent finish, an 11.5-inch cast aluminum shoe is included.
  • Components that are included with the purchase are kit bag, dust bag, carbide cutting blades, wrench, and edge guide.
  • Also, get a warranty of 3 years with it.


  • You will enjoy the comfort of operating this tool.
  • The weight of the planer is on the lightweight side, but the motor is quite powerful.
  • Compared to other planers on the market, this one is way more affordable.
  • Multiple depth control settings allow the planer to run precisely and with modulation.


  • Make sure to wear sound-proof ear gear because it can make a loud noise.
  • The dust bag can be considered useless since it fills up too fast.

Why Should You Buy This

The dust extraction mechanism of this device is dual-sided, therefore, all the dust will be shed from both sides while you work on your wood.

There is no beating this planer’s control and precision. Furthermore, edge chamfering is made easy with the 3 chamfering grooves attached to it.

Check Porter Cable Hand Planer At Amazon

BOSCH PL2632K Hand Planer

BOSCH PL2632K Hand Planer

Check Price Amazon


  • Motor power of 6.5 amp and 16 500 rpm speed removes stock and gives it the smoothest finish in just a few minutes!
  • Despite the powerful mechanism, this planer only weighs about 6.5 pounds.
  • It includes a lock-off release button and a lock-on button to prevent unwanted accidents during operation.
  • Included in the kit are a carrying case, blade wrench, shavings bag, 3-degree no-mar plastic overshoe for fence, straight no-mar plastic overshoe for fence, dual-mount guide fence, and Woodrazor mini micro-grain blades.


  • The planer comes with a machined groove for sanding and chamfering.
  • You can even convert this tool to use with huge high-speed steel blades.
  • Even if you have no previous planing experience, you can work with this baby with ease.
  • The blades are not only powerful but also long-lasting.


  • Taking the time to assemble the bracket and fence is annoying.
  • The brackets lack proper storage space and fly everywhere.

Why Should You Buy This

First of all, this is a beginner-friendly planer. The blades and motor are strong enough to last for ages while providing excellent woodworking service.

If you know how to use it right, you will end up with a smooth, clean, and no chatter finish every time!

Check Bosch Hand planer At Amazon

Mophorn Benchtop Planer (Best Thickness Planer For Beginners)

Mophorn Benchtop Planer

Check Price Amazon


  • Although a bit on the expensive end, this planer is professional-grade.
  • It comes with a detachable stand and foldable tables.
  • It can handle wide materials, cutting them with its 1800 watts 15 amp planer of 8000 rpm.
  • Despite all the sophistication, this planer is easy to use and operate for the long haul.


  • The dust collection system of this planer is top-notch compared to others on this list.
  • It is versatile and is suitable for a variety of projects.
  • You can deal with the sawdust in three different ways.
  • It is a wonderful device that you can even carry around!


  • Lack of proper instructions made it hard to assemble this product.
  • The knob for raising and lowering the blade

Why Should You Buy This

Judging from the wattage and motor power, Mophorn planer is at the top of the hierarchy.

You can not find something as versatile and creative as this one for sure. The instructions given may be useless, but the dust collection box is the best on the list!

Check Mophorn Benchtop Planer At Amazon

Grizzly Industrial Benchtop Planer

Grizzly Industrial Benchtop Planer

Check Price Amazon


  • Grizzle planer uses 2 horsepower, 15 amp of current, and 110 volts of voltage.
  • It can cut material as thick as 12 and a half inches.
  • The planer is portable, lightweight, and cuts fast and powerfully.
  • It can cut at a speed of 10 000 rpm with 52 cuts per inch.


  • You can plane all kinds of hardwoods and produce excellent results.
  • Usage of this beastly machine is surprisingly easy and productive.
  • Even assembly of the product takes as less as 5 minutes.
  • Its woodworking abilities are precise, high quality, and just priced right!


  • For some reason, the planer is missing a dust collection attachment.
  • The noise may be an issue for you.

Why Should You Buy This

Overall, this planer is one of the best you can get out there. It is portable, lightweight, powerful, sophisticated, easy to use, easy to assemble, and provides an excellent value for money.

Even the construction is sturdy and long-lasting, therefore, you have the whole package right here!

Check Grizzly Industrial Planer At Amazon

Buying Guide for Electric Planer

What are the features you should look out for when buying an electric planer? Check out below!

Motor and Speed

The average motor power of an electric planer is 110 volts, with a current of 15 amp approximately. Since it is a power tool, expect to consume a lot of electricity when you use it.

On the other hand, the cutter head speed of an electric planer is measured in rotations per minute (rpm). The higher the rpm, the faster and smoother is the final finish. A good eclectic planer may have a cutter head speed of 10 000 to 18 000 rpm.


The most basic electric planers use the singular to double blades. The ones that are more suited for professional woodworkers and carpenters may even have as many as three blades! If you have noticed from the product list above, the heavy-duty and benchtop planers can be equipped with more than three blades.

As for the best materials that are used for planer blades, think tungsten carbide iron and High-Speed Steel (HSS). Carbide blades are common, durable, and also quite expensive to replace.

Dust Collection Bags

Your electric planer may or may not be equipped with a dust collection bag. Just because a planer lacks a suction bag does not make it a bad planer.

In fact, some planers are too small to hold dust bags of appropriate sizes. Some even come with attachment points so you can join them with your vacuum cleaner!

Here are some planers that come with dust bags for convenience: DEWALT Hand Planer Kit, WEN 20653 Hand Planer, and Porter-Cable Hand Planer.

Chip Direction

With the chip direction of the planer, you can select from which side you will remove the chips. If your planer has chip chutes, the chips eject away from your face.

Sanding Cylinder

When you have a sanding cylinder, you can turn your hand planer into a mobile sander. You just have to know the right settings to adjust to.

Depth Scales

Depth scales of the planer determine the final finish on the woodwork. When you set it to deeper mode, the planer can cut off more material. But when the setting is set to shallower mode, it just trims. Just be aware of the units that you are using, for example, inches or metrics.

Guides or Fences

If you are looking into shape lumber to perfect squares from all sides, guides or fences are crucial. The longer the fences, the more accuracy you can achieve. These fences can also be modified for chamfering and jointing.

Grip Control

Most electric planers on this list are comfortable to grip and work with. Since it is a manual job that may take minutes to hours, your hand and wrist must be safe from aches and blisters.

Thickness Planer

A thickness planer may be expensive, but once you have it at your disposal, you would not be regretting that decision.

This machine will trim boards for you consistently on all angles. Furthermore, if you pair it up with a jointer, any lumber can be flat, arrow-straight, or the thickness you want!

5 Essential Wood-Planer Maintenance Tips

In order to take care of your precious planer, you have to follow a few steps that are illustrated below.

  • Tip 1

You must store the wood planer where it can stay without getting damaged by external elements, like bad weather, etc. The garage or a storeroom is a good place to store it.

Make sure people at home are aware of where the planer is stored, depending on how big or small it is, so as to avoid unnecessary injury.

  • Tip 2

The blades of the planer are important components to cut and smoothen surfaces. Therefore, when you put them back, make sure they are clean. Additionally, avoid placing objects nearby the blades that can damage them in any way.

  • Tip 3

Moving parts of the electric planer need to be lubricated from time to time to prevent rusting and heat production. You do not want any shafts breaking or excessive energy production when the parts are not oiled properly.

  • Tip 4

Sometimes, whether intentional or not, your planer ends up forming rust and refusing to operate at its highest potential. Use a special abrasive material to scrape off the rust from the blades and any other parts of the planer.

Besides, penetrating oils and electrolytic cleaning are also great methods to apply.

  • Tip 5

Let us face it. Your planer would not last you a lifetime. There may be days when no lubricating, repairing, and maintenance is able to keep it alive anymore.

You just have to admit defeat to replacing certain parts of the tool. Only rely on the original manufacturer’s parts when it comes to replacements.

Safety Measures for Planing Surface Wood

You must practice safety measures when operating any machinery, also an electric planer.

  • Wear your eye and ear protection gear when working with your planer. The noise may be harmful and you do not want tiny particles getting into your eyes.
  • There is no need for you to wear gloves during the process.
  • Run the dust collection all the time.
  • Always keep your hands 4 inches away from where the planer is operating.
  • Lastly, do not move the table when the stock is in the planer.

Last Words

To cut long story short, beginners should start with automatic or manual hand planers that are comparatively easier to use.

As skills develop in your carpentry work, you can take up professional-grade planers that are a little complicated to use.

Other than that, planers are great tools for leveling, chamfering, and smoothing out wood pieces. If you do not have one of these in your toolbox yet, what is keeping you from getting it? Start collecting the tools for

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