Grizzly vs Dewalt Planer

Planers are a handy tool to cut a wood piece. We generally use them to shave wood surfaces and give them a perfect shape and size. Grizzly and Dewalt are two reliable brands when choosing a planer. But, which one do you prefer between Grizzly vs Dewalt planer?

No doubt, they both are excellent wood cutting tools to resize your wood thickness and provide the wood with an even and smooth shape. But which one is the best planer for starters between them?

Let’s learn in-depth details about these two cutting tools.

Overview Of Grizzly Planer

Grizzly Industrial Benchtop Planer
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GrizzlyIndustrial, Inc. is a well-known brand for making various top-grade woodworking and metalworking machinery.

History Of Grizzly Planer Makers

The company started its journey 38 years ago and is still going successfully and has tough competition with other wood and metal cutting machinery.

Grizzly Market Demand

Grizzly mainly focused onDIYers and hobbyists who want excellent cutting tools without spending too much money.

Since millions of DIYers and hobbyists do various types of cutting jobs in their household and professional life, the market demand for Grizzly is incredibly high.

Grizzly Quality For Best Experiences

Apart from doing your small household works, you can use grizzly planers and other machines for large-scale production.

Their cutting tools have a decent value due to their high quality and various exclusive features. When you’re planning to buy super long-lasting woodcutting tools, a grizzly planer is a decent option to consider.

Origin Of Grizzly

The founder and CEO of Grizzly company are Shiraz Baloli, who started this Bellingham-based company in 1983. He named the company “Grizzly” because most animals are fear grizzlies.

Though Shiraz Baloli started his company as a part of his hobby, this company has become one of the largest machinery companies in the United States.

The company offers a wide range of machinery for wood and metalworking in various sizes, from large industrial to smaller cabinets and machines.

Overview Of Dewalt Planer

Dewalt Benchtop planer
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If you’re an amateur woodworker, Dewalt Planer is an excellent option to consider. Though their products’ prices are not highly affordable, their performance and working ability are worth the price you pay to own them.

History Of Dewalt Planer Makers

Dewalt brand was created in 1924. Their first product was “Wonder-Worker.” It was an electric universal woodworking machine.

But the brand had become immensely popular in 1994 by launching cordless power tools, which helped them earn increased profits dramatically. This makes them a leading planer manufacturer globally.

Dewalt Market Demand

Very few tool manufacturers are as popular as Dewalt worldwide. They have a vast dollar market share in the power tool market. The power tool brand has been a top performer in the tool industry for a long time, along with a few other brands.

Dewalt Quality For Best Experiences

Dewalt is a diversified company that sells a wide range of products. The company has more than800 types of accessories and 200 hand power tools.

They sell many high-end Planers, which can last for several decades. You don’t need to discard them as they’re easily repairable.

Dewalt Planers can show more accuracy and are more powerful to cut or shape wooden or metallic pieces compared to other products.

Origin Of Dewalt

Raymond E. DeWalt is the founder of Dewalt, founded 98 years ago. Its parent company is Stanley Black & Decker.

This American-based company had become immensely popular within a short time due to its wide variety of tools and machines.

Core Differences Between Dewalt And Grizzly In Term Of

Though Dewalt and Grizzly is a wooden cutting tool, many differences exist between these two tools. Let’s learn them:

Product Variation

Grizzly has more than 36 models of planers for wood cutting machines. They’re available in various types, such as a heavy-duty planer, fixed-table planer, 3-phase extreme-duty planer, 3-phase extreme-duty planer, 3-phase industrial planer, etc. Additionally, you can find them in various sizes, from 12.5 inches to 24 inches.

On the other hand, Dewalt has only eight models of planers for wood cutting machines. But they’re immensely high-end units, perfect for heavy-duty woodcutting tasks. They’re available in various types such as thickness planer with three knife cutter-head, three knife two-speed thickness planer, brushless cordless planer, portable hand planer, etc.

Planer Wattage And Motor Speed

Grizzly planers have different ratings of motor power. For example, Grizzly Industrial G0505 has 2 HP while Grizzly Industrial G0544 has 5 HP motor power. Their voltage power also varies from110 to 240 in different planers.

On the contrary, Dewalt planers have a10,000- 20,000 RPM motor to easily handle larger cuts in wider materials.


The duration or lifespan of a planer is one of the most crucial points to consider. Since Grizzly has been in the market for around 38 years, it’s no wonder they’re making dedicated planers to meet their customers’ high demand even under heavy use. Dewalts planer blades are also very strong and durable.

Dewalt planers are exceptional in terms of durability. Even after using them for several decades, you may not have to do any repair but just sharpening the blade. You just have to replace the blade between 6-8 months if you’re using it daily.

Warranty & Guarantee

Generally, Grizzly offers 2-years limited warranty for their planers. But if users tamper with any unsuitable thing that is forbidden, the warranty will become void. Additionally, the warranty doesn’t cover any part that is prone to normal wear and tear during the use of the product.

On the other hand, Dewalt provides 3-years limited warranty for its planers, along with a 90-day money-back guarantee. They also offer a 1-year free service contract for most of their tools, including planers.

Customer Support

Both Grizzly and Dewalt have their own official websites where you can purchase their products.

Additionally, both companies offer customer support — you can contact them through online chats, emails, or direct calls to learn any product information or solve any problem you’re facing while using their products.

Differences In Features

If you’re looking for dependable, well-made, and ergonomic planers, DeWalt is a reliable choice. Unlike any cheap brands, their planers will last for decades.

 The power and accuracy you will get from their planers make them one of the best manufacturers.

Most of the DeWalt is run by batteries, making it highly portable. Most importantly, their batteries take minimal time to get a recharge, saving a lot of time.

Though Grizzly Woodworking Tools are mostly made from China, they still have decent quality. The notable part of their product is affordability. Additionally, their planers are lightweight, making your wood projects more flexible.

DeWalt planers are better than Grizzly planers due to their exceptional motor power and smooth performance. But you’ve to spend a decent amount of money to purchase DeWalt planer.

Design Of Products

Compared to Grizzly planers, DeWalt planers have a more ergonomic design for easier use. They’re portable too. However, Grizzly planers are available in various sizes, while DeWalt planers only have a few sizes. Plus, DeWalt planers have a limited number of models, whereas Grizzly planers have more than 30 models.


Are there different grades of DeWalt tools?

There’re different part numbers in DeWalt tools; some are super-quality, and some are cheaper quality versions.

Does Grizzly make Dewalt?

No, they’ve their own manufacturing production unit to make their products.

How long do Dewalt planer blades last?

If you use your Dewalt planer heavily every day, you’ve to change the blades after 6-8 months.

What is the dial on the side of a Dewalt planer?

Four dials are available on the side of a Dewalt planer: 0, 1/4″, 1/2″, or 3/4″.


Which one you’re going to pick between Grizzly vs Dewalt planer? Both brands have thriving reputation in the market, and they use unique technologies in their planers.

If you want to choose a high-end model and don’t mind spending more, Dewalt planers are a better option. But if you have a limited budget and want to do the limited task every day, Grizzly planer is the ideal choice.

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