What Are The Best Orbital Sandpaper For Woodworking [In 2023]

More than just the orbital sander is needed to give your desired sanding result of satisfactory sanding experience.

The sandpaper has to be correct, too, for the job. Since most of the orbital sandpaper on the market today looks the same, it takes time for customers to choose the right sandpaper.

For that, you need to dig deeper and consider factors like the discs’ size, versatility, material and dust collection. Below, I have compiled a list of the best orbital sandpaper on the armlet with an in-depth buying guide to help you out.

So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Our Recommended Top Orbital Sandpaper Brand For 2023

ProductNameDescriptionLatest Price
S Satc 5 Inch orbital SandpapersS SATC Sanding Discs SandpaperGrit Material
Aluminum Oxide
Item Diameter
5 Inches
Grit Type
Check Price
Miady 8 Hole hook and loop Orbital sandpapersMiady Hook and Loop Sanding DiscsGrit Material
Aluminum Oxide
5-inch with pre-punched 8 holes
Package quantity
Check Price
Workpro 5 inch orbital sandpapersWORKPRO Orbital SandpaperGrit Material
High-quality aluminum oxide abrasive
Package quantity
150-Piece multi-grit sandpaper set
High-quality construction
Universal compatibility
Check Price
Aiyard 5 inch orbital sandpapersAiyard Orbital SandpaperColor
Number of Items
Recommended Uses For Product
Polishing, Grinding
Check Price
Coceca Orbital Sander SandpapersCoceca Orbital Sander PadsMaterial
Resin, Aluminum Oxide, Metal
Grit Material
Compatible Material
Grit Number
Check Price
POWERTEC Orbital Sander SandpapersPOWERTEC Hook & Loop Sanding DiscMaterial
Aluminum Oxide
‎60 Grit, 50PK
‎5″x8, Gold
Check Price

1. S SATC 72

S Satc 5 Inch orbital Sandpapers
Check Price Amazon

S SATC sandpapers are all about excellent performance at an affordable price. If you need different grit sandpaper simultaneously for various projects, this can sandpaper pack can be a great choice.

Whether you work with wood or metal, the aluminum oxide grain lasts a long time and provides the most polished sanding experience.

Apart from wood and metal, you can use these sandpapers on aluminum, leather, plastic, stone, and glass and still get good results.

Lastly, the 5-inch size gives it broad compatibility with different orbital sanders with excellent adhesion from Velcro backing.

Good sides

  • Different grits to cover multiple projects
  • Works on different surfaces
  • Universal compatibility with 5-inch size
  • Long-lasting adhesion with Velcro backing

Bad sides

  • The coarseness doesn’t last long

Why should one buy this one?

This set provides excellent adhesion for people tired of sandpaper peeling off, which is sometimes even tricky to take off. Besides, it’s super easy to install too.

Why is it special?

The excellent value for money it provides makes it unique. With 72 pieces of 7 different grits, it’s more than a steal.

Check S Satc Orbital Sandpaper Price At Amazon

2. Milady

Miady 8 Hole hook and loop Orbital sandpapers
Check Price Amazon

Miady is another great orbital sandpaper set with similar qualities to S SATC. Many people want to cover different projects with just one set of sandpaper. For them, Miady brings good news with seven grit numbers in a 70-piece pack.

Whether you are an expert or a rookie with orbital sandpapers, these sandpapers are super easy to install and remove, thanks to the hook and loop system.

The surface is made of aluminum oxide grain, so it also gets smooth and quick sanding results simultaneously. Each sandpaper has eight holes to filter the dust and keep your workplace clean.

Good sides

  • Easy dust management
  • Printed grit number for easy identification
  • Easy to remove and install
  • Good value for money

Bad sides

  • The adhesion could be better

Why should one buy this one?

You should get this sandpaper pack if you are looking for an affordable way to cover all your DIY home and crafting projects.

Why is it special?

The outstanding balance between piece, performance and convenience makes this sandpaper pack special.

Check Miady Orbital Sandpaper Price At Amazon


Workpro 5 inch orbital sandpapers
Check Price Amazon

If you need tons of sanding discs for various projects regularly, you should check out this WORKPRO sanding disc pack. There are a total of ten different grit with 15 pieces each.

The highlight of this pack is the finer 600 grit, which is rarely seen in other sanding disc packs.

As for the construction, you get aluminum oxide grains for smooth and clog-less sanding. All the discs in this pack are 5 inches so you can expect flawless compatibility with all the known sander brands on the market.

Like most of the discs on the market, these discs have eight holes to extract dust efficiently and prevent clogging.

Good sides

  • Efficient dust management
  • Finer grits from delicate sanding
  • Compatible with most orbital sanders
  • Works efficiently on different surfaces

Bad sides

  • Wears down quickly compared to other options

Why should one buy this one?

This is the best pack you can get if you work all day with orbital sanders and need various grit numbers.

Why is it special?

This sanding discs pack’s compatibility with surface and different sanders is just next level.

Check Workpro Orbital Sandpaper Price At Amazon

4. Aiyard Orbital Sandpaper

Aiyard 5 inch orbital sandpapers
Check Price Amazon

Aiyard might not be as familiar as the other options on this list, but the high quality makes it an easy recommendation of this list.

If your work needs only one grit number instead of the variety in one pack, this Aiyard sanding discs pack is perfect.


 most other sanding discs, this one, too, uses aluminum oxide grains as materials. On top of that, the developed binder improves durability and wear resistance, so the discs serve you longer.

These discs also have broad surface compatibility, including wood, aluminum ally, fiberglass, rubber, stone, plastic and non-ferrous metals.

Lastly, dust management is next level, with eight holes to prevent clogging and breakdown during sanding sessions.

Good sides

  • Great for bulk purchase
  • Developed binding for longer usage
  • Clog-resistant, durable construction
  • Great for multi-surfaces use

Bad sides

  • Inconsistent adhesion in pack

Why should one buy this one?

This is the perfect product for people looking for the same grit sanding discs with good value.

Why is it special?

The innovative design with the developed binder makes this Aiyard sanding disc pack longer lasting than its competitors.

Check Aiyard Orbital Sandpaper Price At Amazon

5. Coceca Orbital Sander Sandpaper

Coceca Orbital Sander Sandpapers
Check Price Amazon

Are you looking to cover all your polishing and sanding needs with one disc pack? Look no further, as this Coceca sanding discs pack can be the perfect companion for your sanding jobs.

This pack contains 180 sanding discs, with grit numbers ranging between 40 and 600.

The abrasive aluminium construction produces great anti-static sanding results and durability. The 5-inch size makes the discs compatible with most orbitals sanders on the market.

On top of that, the hook and loop installation allows discs to change within a few seconds. 

Good sides

  • Easy to use with hook and loop installation
  • Different grist at affordable price
  • Consistent sanding, even with quick passing
  • Great fit for most orbital sanders

Bad sides

  • Even twenty pieces of all grits would have been better.

Why should one buy this one?

Great value for money if you want to cover all your polishing needs with one sanding disc set.

Why is it special?

Even with quick passing, the consistent sanding result makes this disc pack unique and better than other options.

Check Cocea Orbital Sandpaper Price AT Amazon

6. POWERTEC Orbital Sander Sandpaper

POWERTEC Orbital Sander Sandpapers
Check Price Amazon

This Powertec discs set might be a bit pricier than the rest, but its high quality makes it worth the price. Instead of packing various grit numbers, this Powertec discs pack comes with a single grit number.

There is a total of 5 grit options available in different unit packs.

This freedom of choice can be a substantial upper hand who are looking for a particular grit and number of units.

On top of that, you get to choose different sizes too to fit your orbital sander.

As for the rest of the features, you get aluminum oxide abrasive, hook and loop installation, and excellent dust management through the eight pre-drilled holes.

Good sides

  • Available in different unit packs and grits
  • You can select the size according to your orbitals sander
  • Heat and moisture-resistant abrasive
  • Perfect for woodworking, automotive and industrial applications

Bad sides

  • A bit pricier than the rest of the options

Why should one buy this one?

The perfect balance of quality, price and freedom of grit number and pack size makes it an appealing choice.

Why is it special?

This Powertec orbitals sander pack offers single grit packs of different numbers with size options, unlike any other product in the list.

Check Powertec ORbital Sandpaper Price At Amazon

Types of orbital sandpaper

Types of orbital sandpaper

We can categorize orbital sandpapers into 4 groups depending on the material. These 4 materials are the most commonly sued, and each has strengths.

  • Aluminum oxide: Aluminum oxide is a sharp mineral and the most common material used to manufacture orbital sanders. The friability allows aluminum oxide to do an excellent job sanding on several surfaces.
  • Garnet: Garnet is another popular choice for wood sanding. Garnet is much stronger than aluminum oxide, so they don’t break down like aluminum oxide. Though it wears out fast, it has a reputation for the smoothest sanding result.
  • Silicon carbide is the sharpest and strongest sandpaper you’ll find for orbitals sanders. Its brittles allow you to sand strong surfaces like metal or stone quickly and easily.
  • Ceramic: Lastly, there is the most expensive orbital sandpaper, ceramic. Ceramics is the most abrasive sandpaper of these four and requires a hard surface and intense pressure to work correctly.

Orbital Sandpaper Grit and Ranges

Orbital Sandpaper Grit and Ranges

Grit number refers to the coarseness of the sandpaper. The lower the number, the coarser sandpaper gets. Each of these grit number ranges has its purpose in sanding projects. You can easily find the grit number of sanding discs on the back of the sandpaper.

Coarse (60 – 80 Grit)

This range has the coarsest sandpaper. If you plan to sand old paint or anything super rough where quick sanding is necessary, this is the grit range to work with.

Medium (100 – 150 Grit)

Medium grit sandpapers are the jack of all trades. As they are neither coarse nor fine, you can use them for any application you like.

Fine (180 – 220 Grit)

Fine grit range is typically sued for the second or third pass with the sander. After you sand the initial rough layer, fine grit gives the surface a polished look.

Ultra-Fine (320 – higher grit)

Ultra-fine sandpapers are only used for the final touch. When you have the most delicate sanding projects or want a final polish, you should use this ultra-fine sandpaper. 

What to Consider Before Buying a Sanding Disc

Choosing the right sanding disc according to the job is always a challenge. Here are some factors you should consider to make the decision easier.

Solid Foundation

A sanding disc has two ends, the abrasive one and the adhesive one. You must ensure these ends have a solid foundation for long-term use and a satisfactory sanding experience.

Tilt Function

If your sanding job involves sanding angular surfaces, then the tilt function is necessary for sanding discs. This feature will allow you to achieve equal smoothness on every side with significant control.


Sanding discs come in different forms. Yes, the name disc already refers to a round shape, but you need to consider whether a sanding belt will be more suitable for your particular job.


I have already discussed the common materials sue for sanding discs. Aluminum oxide, ceramic, garnet, and silicon carbide these four are the most common ones out there. You need to choose one according to your sanding project.              


The size of the disc is another crucial factor since it decides the disc’s compatibility with the sander and sanding speed. Of course, a larger diameter will allow faster sanding, but it also has to be compatible with the orbital sander’s size.

Longevity and versatility

When buying a sanding disc pack, longevity and versatility add more value to your purchase. So, make sure the discs are high quality and last longer. Also, the variety of grits in the pack ensures you’ll cover versatile sanding projects.

Dust collection

You must ensure that the sanding discs have holes for proper dust collection. Otherwise, the dust can pile up and clog the sander.

Grit readability

Right grit selection is essential for desired sanding result. Any mistake can be catastrophic and ruin your workpiece in seconds. So, ensure the discs have the grit number clearly visible.

How to use orbital Sandpaper on wood

Using an orbital sander on wood is easy if you know the proper techniques. You can follow the steps mentioned below for the best wood sanding result.

  • Step 1: First, you need to secure the material you will be sanding, preferably with clamps. This will prevent accidental movement during sanding.
  • Step 2: In this part, you need o attach the right grit sandpaper to the sander according to the job. Also, connect the ventilation at this step to collect the dust.
  • Step 3: Now that the workpiece is secure and the sander is ready, turn it on and move it across the surface. You can follow the grain lines for accurate sander movement,
  • Step 4: Once you get the desired result, turn the sander off and vacuum the remaining sanding dust from the wood surface.


Can you replace the pad on the orbital sander?

Yes, you can easily replace the pad on orbital sanders. These pads do all the sanding, and they quickly wear out. When they do, you can easily peel off the previous pad and attach a new one with a Velcro back, hook, and loop system.

Why does my sandpaper keep falling off the orbital sander?

The sandpaper stick to the orbitals sander with a hook and loop Velcro mechanism. After a while, as the abrasiveness starts to decrease, the adhesion from the Velcro also starts to drop. You might notice your sandpaper falling off the orbital sander at that time.

When should I replace my random orbital sander pad?

Several indications will tell you to replace the random orbitals sander pad.  First off, you might notice the inconsistent sanding result. Then, if you check the sanding pad, you might see some bald spots there. Last but not least, if the sanding pad loses its adhesion, you should replace the pad.

Which is the best grit size that I must choose for rough sanding?

Choosing the correct grit size is crucial to get the desired sanding result. Sandpapers come in various grit, and you have to choose the right one according to the surface condition. If the surface is too rough, start with something coarse around 120 or 180 and then work your way up.

What is the best way to remove a sticky disc from sanders?

You need to peel off the sandpaper once it loses its abrasiveness. However, sometimes, it can be tricky when there is too much adhesive, and the disc gets stuck to the sander. You can use a hair dryer or heat gun set at a lower temperature and apply it on the abrasive disc. That should soften the adhesive and make it easily removable.

Why is it crucial to check the number of holes in the sandpaper?

Most of the orbital sanding discs have a hole in them. The primary purpose of these holes is dust management. The sanding dust can pass through these holes, so the sander doesn’t become clogged. Checking the number of holes is important for two reasons. First, it helps with better dust management. Secondly, the number of holes needs to match the number of holes on the sander for consistent sanding results.

Last Words

That’s a wrap for today. My review will help you find the best orbital sandpaper for all your sanding projects. As you have seen, consistent sanding highly depends on the right sandpaper alongside the sander.

So, consider the abovementioned factors and pick the best sandpaper that suits your need.

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