Best Dado Blade Set In 2023

Dado blades are commonly used in woodworking to cut grooves. Due to its widespread application and compatibility with most table saws, dado blades are widely used.

Since dado blades are much more expensive than a regular table saw blades, you have to be careful to choose the right one according to your need.

So, today, I have prepared this list of the seven best dado blade sets with an in-depth buying guide to make your decision.

Let’s see what these dado blade sets offer without wasting any time.

Our Top Picks Best Dado Blade Sets In 2023

ProductNameProduct DescriptionLatest Price
oshlun stack dado blade setOshlun Dado Blade SetMaterial
Number of Teeth
Stack Dado Set
Item Weight
9.94 Pounds
Compatible Material
Engineered Wood
Number of Pieces
Check Price
Mibro stacking dado blade setsMibro Group Dado Blade SetMaterial
Number of Teeth
Item Weight
0.2 Pounds
Compatible Material
Engineered Wood, Wood, Metal
Number of Pieces
Check Price
Dewalt Dado Blade setDewalt Dado Blade SetMaterial
Stainless Steel Finish
Number of Teeth
Heavy Duty
Item Weight
9.08 Pounds
Compatible Material
Engineered Wood
Number Of Pieces
Check Price
Freud stacked Dado bladeFreud Dado Blade SetMaterial
8-Inch Professional Dado
Included Components
1 stacked saw blade
Item Weight
‎4.8 ounces
Check Price
Irwin Dado blade setIrwin Dado Blade SetMaterial
Number of Teeth
Item Weight
1.8 Pounds
Compatible Material
Engineered Wood
Check Price

Oshlun Dado Blade Set

oshlun stack dado blade set
Check Price Amazon

This Oshlun dado blade has all the qualities to make it the best on the market. Moreover, it has a very affordable price tag that’ll surely attract many customers. You can get this dado blade either in 6-inch or 8-inch size. So, finding the capability shouldn’t be an issue.

In terms of build, this blade has 42 teeth with six chipper teeth. These teeth and the carbide tips will give you the most accurate and clean dado cut possible. This blade is made with C-4 carbide and comes in a carrying case for portability.

Good sides

  • Solid C-4 carbide build
  • Creates accurate and clean dado cuts
  • Great value for the money
  • Shim set allows fine adjustments

Bad sides

  • The smaller shims make it a bit unsafe

Why should one buy this one?

If you are looking for a well-balanced dado blade set, Oshlun is the right choice that has different size options.

Why is it special?

The efficiency of the Oshlun dado set with 42 teeth and six chipper teeth separates it from the rest of the dado blades.

Check Oshlun Dado Blade Set Price At Amazon

Mibro Group Dado Blade Set

Mibro stacking dado blade sets
Check Price Amazon

If you want to avoid spending a fortune or looking for a dado blade set for DIY projects, Mibro has the perfect budget-friendly set for you.

There are a total of 14 pieces in this dado blade set. The two outer blades have 24 teeth, each with five two-wing chippers.

You might not get the most precise dado cuts like high-end blades, but the 24 teeth should be enough for regular dado cuts used by DIYers.

Due to the lower number of teeth, the cutting result will significantly depend on the table saw’s capability. Mibro also provides a plastic case for keeping all the blades safe in one place.

Good sides

  • Inexpensive dado set for DIY works
  • Five two-wing chippers and seven metal shims result in the great kerf
  • Plastic case for safe storage

Bad sides

  • Cutting quality varies from saw to saw
  • Not sharpening due to hardened tips

Why should one buy this one?

Mibro dado set offers decent quality compared to the low price tag. If you are on a budget, this Mibro blade set can be a great fit.

Why is it special?

The value for money you get with 24 teeth, 14 pieces and the carrying case make this Mibro set special on this list.

Check Mibro Group Dodo Blade Set Price At Amazon

DEWALT Dado Blade Set

Dewalt Dado Blade set
Check Price Amazon

Dewalt doesn’t need any introduction to the power tool world. They are known for manufacturing the highest quality products, and their 8-inch dado blade is no different.

This stainless steel blade represents the highest quality available for any dado set, and that is clearly shown in the precise cuts it generates. You’ll love the amount from this 24-tooth outer blade and 4-tooth chippers, but the high price tag can be a bummer.  

Good sides

  • High-quality material for a precise cut
  • Excellent support from the manufacturer
  • It comes with a carrying case

Bad sides

  • It can be too pricy for some

Why should one buy this one?

If you want precise dado cuts with a solid blade, and budget isn’t a concern, you should buy this Dewalt dado blade set.

Why is it special?

The outer blades and the inner chippers share the same quality in manufacturing and durability, providing the longest service period possible.

Check Dewalt Dado Blade Set Price At Amazon

Freud Dado Blade Set

Freud stacked Dado blade
Check Price Amazon

After the expensive Dewalt blade, we are again returning to a budget-friendly option. Freud has the perfect blade if you want an economic dado blade option for DIY works.

The outer blades of this set have 24 teeth each, and there are three two-wing chippers in between.

While Freud cut corners regarding teeth count and chippers, it shouldn’t affect the dado cut quality for most jobs. Moreover, the shim set allows you to adjust the blades and get the most precise cut possible.

Good sides

  • You can resharpen the teeth.
  • Precise dado cuts with 24 teeth and three chippers
  • The affordable price tag for DIYers

Bad sides

  • Shim setup can be tricky

Why should one buy this one?

This Freud dado set can be an excellent option for all the hobbyists looking for a solid blade without breaking the bank.

Why is it special?

Solid carbide construction, clean cut and attractive price, what more can you possibly as from a dado set.

Check Freud Dado Blade Set Price At Amazon

IRWIN Dado Blade Set

Irwin Dado blade set
Check Price Amazon

IRWIN dado blade set is another premium dado blade set just like Dewalt. However, unlike the Dewalt set, it has sixteen pieces to make your dado cuts smooth and accurate.

Considering the price, Irwin expectedly used the highest quality material to manufacture these blades.

On top of that, these blades are last cut and manufactured in Italy to add an extra layer of preciseness. The outer teeth only have twelve teeth each, which can be an issue for some people.

Despite the lower teeth count, this blade set will deliver results for both professional and DIY carpentry needs.

Good sides

  • Clean and precise dado cuts
  • Heat-resistant non-stick coating
  • High chipper count for efficient material removal

Bad sides

  • Inconsistency in quality
  • Low teeth count

Why should one buy this one?

If you want the cleanest dado cut with the most chipper blade, you should go for this Irwin dado blade set.

Why is it special?

This Irwin dado blade set is manufactured in Italy with laser-cut tips, unlike other blades on this list.

Check Irwin Dado Blade Set Price At Amazon

What Is Dado Blade?

What Is Dado Blade

A dado blade is just a type of table saw blade we are used to seeing. Every cut from saw blades creates a groove, but the ones from dado blades are much wider.

These wide grooves from dado blades are mainly sued for interlocking joints for drawers, shelves, cabinets and many other woodworking sectors.

Types of Dado Blades

Typically, you’ll see two types of dado blades on the market. Each of them has different characteristics and is used for separate applications.

Stacked dado set

A stacked dado set is precisely what it says. This set has multiple blades stacked together and then attached to the table saw.

Sometimes, spacers are used between these blades to spread them for accurate groves. You get to choose different cut widths with a stacked dado set, and this versatility makes it very popular.

Wobble blade

The Wobble blade is the opposite of the stacked dado set in terms of blade numbers. Wobble dado has just one blade on a multi-piece hub with offset rotation.

This hub controls the rotation angle, and this angle decides the width of the groove.

What to Look for When Choosing the Best Dado Blade Set

Dado blades might look simple, but you need to consider many small details to find the right set of blades according to your job.

As many dado blade set looks similar, it can get even more confusing. So, following these factors below will help you find the best dado blade set.


The size is an essential factor not because of the groove but because of the compatibility with the saw. Yes, bigger saws add a little more cutting depth, but you have to consider the diameter so that it fits the arbour hole of the table saw.

6-inch and 8-inch are two of the most common diameters out there. You should select the size according to your saw’s compatibility and power.

Arbor Size

The arbour size refers to the saw’s blade hole size. It’s another important consideration if you want your blades to fit perfectly in the saw.

Most of the table saws on the market come with ⅝” arbor, which comfortably fits blades between 8″ and 10″. But if your saw has a smaller arbor size, ensure you buy blades accordingly.


Kerf refers to the amount of material removed from the surface. Kerfs are of two kinds, thin and full kerf. According to your project, you need to choose the right kerf for the dado blade.

If you want less wastage and precise cuts, go for thin kerf. On the other hand, full kerf dado blades are more suitable for demanding cuts. 

Blade Material

Bade material can determine the longevity and durability of the blade. So, you must keep an eye on the material used for your particular dado blade.

Typically, you’ll see most of the dado blades made with carbide of metal, and both are decent options as material.


The teeth on the dado blades are responsive for the grove and cleaning the edge. More teeth mean you’ll get more precise grooves in this regard. However, a higher teeth count, like 40 teeth blade, will cost more than an 8-teeth one.

Throat plate

You’ll notice throat plates around the area where the blades stick out. This plate makes it easier to access the palest for removal.

Before you purchase the dado blade set, make sure it fits the throat plate on your saw. If it doesn’t, you can either check out another blade or have a custom-made throat plate.


Chippers refer to the inside blades of a stacked dado set. While the outer blades do most of the work and cut precise edges, chipper blades remove material from the middle of the groove.

You must also ensure the chipper blades are high quality for precise cuts and angles.

6 inch vs 8-inch dado blades Differences

6 inch vs 8-inch dado Blades Differences

There are quite a few differences between 6-inch and 8-inch dado blades. For starters, 8-inch blades add extra cutting depth; however, you shouldn’t need that much depth usually.

Secondly, 8-inch dado blades have a higher teeth count, generating slightly cleaner cuts than 6-inch blades. Lastly, 8-inch and compatible saws cost slightly more than 6-inch dado blades and compatible saws.

What are the Advantages & Disadvantages of using a dado cut?

Before you buy a dado blade set, you need to consider whether dado cuts will be beneficial for your woodworking projects. The advantages and disadvantages of the dado cut mentioned below will help you determine that.


  • Dado joints are one of the strongest in the carpentry industry.
  • Dado joints are easy to create and less complicated in terms of measurement.
  • You get more surface area on both joining prices for a stranger bond.
  • The versatility of the dado joint makes it compatible with any basic to an advanced woodworking project.


  • Creating the groove sometimes results in excessive loss of material
  • The plowing piece of the joint can be sloppy if the measurement isn’t accurate.


Can I use a dado without a throat plate?

Yes, you can always use a dado without a throat plate. These plates allow easy access to the blade when changing. It’s a massive safety feature so it will be risky without dado.

How deep should dado be in plywood?

The answer to this question depends on the plywood piece thickness you are working with. The general rule of thumb is going as far as 1/3 of the thickness to maintain plywood strength. Gong deeper may damage the joint in the long run.

How many teeth should a dado set have?

Dado blades usually have 12 to 42 teeth. In the case of the dado blades, more teeth don’t necessarily mean good results. Each teeth count has their purpose, but 24 teeth are the middle point that generates decent cuts.

Will an 8-inch dado blade work on a 10-inch table saw?

The dado blade diameter can be different from the arbour hole diameter. The blade diameter has to be smaller than the arbour hole diameter. As long as the dado blade fits in, in this case, the 8-inch blade fits in the 10-inch arbour hole, you can use it.

Last Words

That’s a wrap for today. I hope my article will help you understand the best dado blade set available on the market. All these sets on this list have various specifications for different applications, so there should be a suitable one for everyone.

However, if your confusion persists, the buying guide should help you find the right dado blade in no time.

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