Best Random Orbital Sander for Woodworking

A random orbital sander is a must-have tool for any woodworker. Whether removing old paint or smoothening a surface, a random orbital sander makes these sanding jobs a piece of cake. But with so many models on the market, it can get tricky sometimes to pick the right one.

So, after hours of extensive research, I have narrowed it down to the 6 best random orbital sanders for woodworking.

Let’s see what these sanders have to offer

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porter cable random orbital sanderPorter Cable Random Orbital SanderVoltage
20 Volts
Power Source
Battery Powered
Grit Type
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Black Decker Random Orbital SanderBLACK+DECKER Random Orbital SanderVoltage
20 Volts
Power Source
Battery Powered
Grit Type
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Dewalt random orbital sanderDEWALT Random Orbital SanderAmperage Capacity
3 Amps
Power Source
Corded Electric
Grit Type
Check Price
jellas random orbital sanderJellas 5-Inch Random Orbital SanderVoltage
120 Volts (AC)
Power Source
Corded Electric
Grit Type
Very Fine
Check Price
skil random orbital sanderSKIL 5” Random Orbital SanderVoltage
120 Volts
Power Source
Corded Electric
Grit Type
Check Price
makita 6 inch random orbital sanderMakita 6″ Random Orbit SanderVoltage
240 Volts
Power Source
Corded Electric
Grit Number
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PORTER-CABLE Random Orbital Sander

porter cable random orbital sander
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Porter-Cable brings the goodness of cordless sanding in their bestselling 20V max orbital sander. The performance of this sander speaks for itself. It can operate at 12,000 OPM, so you can easily get your professional or DIY jobs with this sander.

One of the critical advantages of Porter-Cable’s cordless orbital sander is its fantastic dust management system. You can easily detach the bag and clear the dust when your work is done. Furthermore, a ¼” dust port will allow you to connect a shop vacuum with the sander.

This sander focused primarily on the comfort aspect. The ergonomically shaped handle and rubber grip will ensure that your hands don’t get stressed using this sander.

Though the inclusion of the battery and charge would have made this a sold deal, we have to be satisfied with three free sandpaper sheets for now.

Good Sides

  • Three years limited warranty for guaranteed longevity
  • Ergonomic and lightweight build
  • Efficient dust management
  • It works perfectly for commercial purposes
  • Includes a dustproof switch

Bad Sides

  • Battery and cable need to be bought separately
  • The battery life isn’t great

Why should one buy this one

The perfect balance of features is why you should buy this Porter-Cable orbital sander. On top of that, the cordless nature allows you to travel with the sander efficiently.

Why it is special

Whether interior jobs, DIY tasks, or any other woodworking job, Porter-Cable has the necessary firepower to meet the demand. Moreover, this works without getting the sawdust all over the place.

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BLACK+DECKER Random Orbital Sander

Black Decker Random Orbital Sander
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Black and Decker don’t need any introduction to power tools, and their cordless sander is no different, either. If you look at the market, this portable cordless sander is one of the bestselling options due to its price-to-performance ratio.

Like the previous sander, this one also features a robust 20V motor that can operate at 12000 RPM.

So, you are covered from the performance aspect with quick material removal. Thanks to the hook and loop system, Black and Decker offer one of the easiest sandpaper changing system on the market.

There is a dust bag attachment on the side of the sander where all the dust gets stored. The orbital is impressively lightweight at 3.3 lbs. On top of that, the compact size makes it even more maneuverable.

Good Sides

  • You can buy with and without the battery
  • Very reasonably priced
  • Excellent performance for a cordless sander
  • Cokes with the charger

Bad Sides

  • Little heavy to maneuver while sanding vertically
  • The dust bag takes time to empty out

Why should one buy this one

The cordless nature and impressive performance make Black and Decker sander a pretty sweet deal. Also, you are getting all the accessories included within a very affordable price tag.

Why it is special

The perfect balance of every feature makes this Black and Decker pretty special. Not only wood, but you can also sand old paint, varnish, and stain with this sander too.

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DEWALT Random Orbital Sander

Dewalt random orbital sanders
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After the cordless options, let’s focus on the corded sanders and see what they offer. Dewalt is another established figure in the power tool industry, and their corded orbit sander with a 3 amp motor and 12000 OPM seems to hold that reputation.

Given this engine, you don’t have to worry about any project you throw at this sander.

Next, discuss some unique details that make this Dewalt sander special. First, Dewalt made the operational handle significantly smaller to get closer to the workpiece. Moreover, the handle has a rubberized grip for better maneuverability.

The sander is designed with a unique counterweight construction that reduces the vibration for utmost comfort. The dust collection system is next level, with a one-handed dust bag and dust port for vacuums.

Good Sides

  • Dust sealed switch allows longevity
  • Shorter handle for better sanding position
  • Low vibration without sacrificing performance
  • Features a comfortable and ergonomic grip

Bad Sides

  • It can be a bit loud for some users
  • The dust bag is a bit tricky to detach

Why should one buy this one

Dewalt corded orbit sander ensures the best performance a corded orbit should offer. Besides, the loudness makes any sanding project feel like a cakewalk.

Why it is special

The specialty of this sander lies in the small touches Dewalt implemented. In addition, the shorter handle reduces vibration, and the rubberized body provides a solid performance.

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Jellas Random Orbital Sander

jellas random orbital sander
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There aren’t many options available on the market regarding affordable orbital sander. However, Jellas seem to pull it off with a fine-tuned machine that doesn’t sacrifice the performance despite a lower price. A premium copper motor inside the sander allows a maximum power of 2.5 amp.

It’s awe-inspiring how Jellas thought about overheating and provided a cooling system to prevent overheating and burn-in. In addition, the sanding base plate is a dual action, which means it vibrates and sand simultaneously, doing an overall better job.

Jellas has done a fantastic job of providing eight vacuum holes, increasing the sander’s dusting efficiency. Lastly, the best part about this sander is the 18 price-free sandpaper of different grits. This sandpaper takes affordability to the next level.

Good Sides

  • Elevated dust management with multiple vacuum hole
  • Hook and loop sanding disc attachments
  • Air permeability dust bag to prevent dust from entering the motor
  • One of the most affordable orbital sanders
  • Features a dual action 360-degree baseplate

Bad Sides

  • The dust bag can clog sometimes
  • Not for high-pressure jobs

Why should one buy this one

The affordability is one of the strongest suits of Jellas orbital sander. However, that doesn’t compromise the performance of this sander and provides one of the best values on the market.

Why it is special

Jellas orbital sander provides one and a half dozen of sandpapers of different grit. So, you don’t have to buy new sandpapers anytime soon and start working on various jobs right out of the box.

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SKIL 5″ Random Orbital Sander

skil random orbital sander
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Skil is another manufacturer that executes this budget deal phenomenally if you are looking for an affordable sander. High-performance sanding is now affordable thanks to Skil’s orbitals sander with its 2.8 AMP motor and 13000 OPM operation.

Skil has developed their special dust collection chamber made of transparent plastic, which sucks the dust with cyclone force. Besides, the container is straightforward to empty, and you can see how much of the container is complete from the outside. Even at this lower price, Skil has provided variable control to control the speed according to the job.

Lastly, the reduced vibration, soft grip, and ergonomic shape.

Good Sides

  • Variable speed control according to the material
  • Low vibration for operational comfort
  • Ergonomic design and soft grip to reduce stress
  • Low maintenance dust container

Bad Sides

  • It sops functioning sometime under pressure
  • Dust management issue at higher speed

Why should one buy this one

Skil orbital sander is a complete package that offers excellent performance at a fraction of the price of some established players. So, it can be a good investment for budget DIY workers.

Why it is special

With a lightweight construction, comfortable maneuverability, and fantastic dust management, there is nothing to complain about Skil orbital sander. This complete performance of the sander makes it a special deal in the budget segment.

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Makita Random Orbital Sander

makita 6 inch random orbital sander
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I am finishing the list with this premium orbital sander from Makita. If the budget is no issue for you, you are in for a treat using this sander. Starting with the engine, it features a powerful 2.7 Amps engine that can operate up to 10000 OPM.

Unlike other sanders, Makita stays true about the number and allows variable speed changes between 4000 to 1000 OPM.

Unlike other sanders, it has a broader sanding base, compatible with up to 6″ orbital sanding pads. In addition, the hook and loop system allows quick sandpaper installation.

Lastly, the comfortable grip reduces the vibration, and through-the-pad dust collection keeps your environment clean.

Good Sides

  • Durable metal casing for extended durability
  • Variable sanding speed for various jobs
  • An efficient dust collection system
  • Detachable front handle to read congested areas
  • Insulation to prevent overheating

Bad Sides

  • The weight can be an issue for long-term usage

Why should one buy this one

Premium features and accurate specifications are two best-selling points of this Makita. However, if you want flawless performance backed up by Makita’s powerful motor, you should try this sander.

Why it is special

Unlike other sanders on this list, this Makita sander is a genuinely professional sander for commercial needs. This performance and other premium features make this sander a worthwhile investment.

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Can You Use A Random Orbital Sander On Wood?

Can You Use A Random Orbital Sander On Wood

Random orbital sanders can be used on various surfaces, including wood, plastic, or metal. For example, a random orbital sander can come in handy if you are a woodworker looking to smoothen a rough wooden surface.

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Corded vs Cordless Random Orbital Sander

Corded vs Cordless Random Orbital Sander

Both corded and cordless orbital sanders have their pros and cons. Below I have described the differences in different aspects to help you decide.

  • Weight and portability: In terms of weight, corded sanders are lighter as there is no battery inside, which makes the operation easier. However, the weight difference is insignificant, and cordless sanders offer better portability.
  • Performance: Typically, the batteries inside cordless sanders don’t have the necessary power to back up higher power output. A corded saner has the power to deliver consistently.
  • Orbit per minute: The battery also capped the OPM of a cordless sander. Though you’ll get the same OPM at the budget level, there is a significant gap when it comes to professional sanders.
  • Convenience: I don’t think it needs any discussion to decide which is more convenient. Cordless sanders are easier to maneuver as there is no wire to deal with.
  • Cost: The cost can be a determiner for maneuvers. In this department, corded sanders tend to cost less than cordless ones.

How To Use A Random Orbital Sander For Wood (step by Step Guide)

Using an orbital sander might seem easy, but you must remember many technical details to get the best out of the sander. So, here is my step-by-step guide to using a random orbital sander properly.

  • Step 1: First, you must select the right grit paper for the job. Every job and surface is different, so choose accordingly.
  • Step 2: Whatever project you are working on, get the work piece secure on a stable surface. A wobbling workpiece can lead to inconsistent wobbling. Also, attach the dust bag or vacuum before starting.
  • Step 3: Now that everything is set, switch the sander and start sanding. The key to consistent sanding is going slow. Take it slowly and pass over the surface in a back-and-forth motion.
  • Step 4: Follow the grain of the wood if you are woodworking. You might need several passes with different grits to complete sanding. Finish by sanding manually.
  • Step 5: Take the sander off the surface once you achieve smoothness. Clean the sawdust with a vacuum and finish by double-checking the surface.

Six Tips Using A Random Orbital Sander

A random orbital sander can be your best friend as a woodworker. Here are 6 tips that can make this machine more useful for you.

  • Going slow is the key to getting a consistent sanding result.
  • Use gloves for better grip and reduced vibration.
  • Always finish by hand sanding after using the sander for best results.
  • Don’t apply too much pressure as it can cause clogging and long-term damage to the motor.
  • Try to use a vacuum instead of relying on the in-built dust collector for better dust management.
  • Please don’t shy away from investing in sanding discs, as they provide more consistent and uniform sanding.

How To Choose Random Orbital Sander

How To Choose Random Orbital Sander

Choosing a suitable orbital disc sander can be tricky. However, considering these factors below can lead you in the right direction.


The design of the sander is essential as it affects the weight and maneuverability. For a comfortable experience, look for a sander that has a simple design, rubberized grips, and counterweight design to reduce the vibration.

Power source

Random orbital sanders are powered directly by electricity or through a batter. Both have their pros and cons. While corded sanders are more powerful, cheaper, and lightweight, cordless sanders offer better maneuverability and portability.

Disc Diameter

Orbital disc sanders support different sizes of the disc. Therefore, you must be careful about the size you need for your particular job and whether it supports your sander. Choosing the wrong sanding disc diameter can lead to inconsistent results.

Dust Collection System

Modern orbital sanders come with a dust management system, no matter the price or specifications. It can be a dust bag, a vacuum port, or both. Usually, dust bags are okay as portable solutions, but you should look for vacuum ports for the best dust collection.

Variable Speed Control

Speed control will allow you to choose various OPM according to the job. While smaller and cheaper sanders can be appealing, they usually have a single speed. Look for a variable speed trigger if you want different speeds for different purposes.


The battery is essential for cordless sanders as it provides a longer runtime. 20V batteries are the most commonly used ones for cordless sanders. However, you can go higher for better backup. Also, when buying a cordless sander, don’t forget to check whether the battery is included


Why do orbital sanders have holes?

If you are new to orbital sanders, you might notice holes in the sanding discs. This is because all the sawdust from sanding goes upwards through these holes, so the sandpaper surfaces don’t clog with the dust.

How long do orbital sander pads last?

The condition of the saner pad can highly affect the performance of the sander. If the abrasive side is worn or clogged, replacing the pads is a clear sign. Usually, sanding pads last between three to six months, depending on the usage.

Last Words

That’s a warp for today. I hope my article was helpful enough to give you a brief idea about the best random orbital sanders for woodworking.

As you have seen, I tried to add as much variety as possible in terms of price and specification so that everyone has options. All you have to do now is pick one that suits your needs and get to sanding.

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