Can I Use A Smaller Blade On My Circular Saw

When it comes to better cutting speed with precise control, circular saws are a great choice. But what  to do if you don’t have the right-sized blade?

Can I use a smaller blade on my circular saw? Don’t miss this article to learn whether you can utilize shorter blades on your electric saw.

Is It Okay To Use Shorter Blades On Circular Saws?

You can utilize shorter blades on circular saws if the central hole is the same size. The blades need to fit on the arbor to tighten it securely.

But don’t expect to have the same results. For example, adding an 6-inch blade to the 7.25 -inch circular saw will not give you a perfect cutting experience. You will need to use

Smaller blades have faster cutting speeds due to less runout. But you can’t utilize this aspect on a large-sized circular saw. Hence, it will take more time to cut workpieces.

Plus, you may experience chunkier cuts as maintaining a precise depth material will be tricky.

What Are The Implications Of Using A Smaller Blade?

It is always best to use the ideal size blades for circular saws. Otherwise, it will affect your cutting performance.

Cutting Depth

Smaller blades have a lower circumferential speed. But bigger circular saws have higher rates (rpm) and larger diameters.

It creates an imbalance. Hence, the cutting depth will be limited, and you can’t cut workpieces as fast as you do with the ideal-sized blades.

For instance, a 12-inch circular saw can cut more deeply with 12 inches blades than 10 inches blades.

The Blade’s Geometry

Apart from the size, circular saws have many unique specifications, which will vary among various models and types.

Circular saws are available in various types, such as Miter saw, Concrete saw, Brushcutter, Flip over saw, an Abrasive saw, etc.

But gear-driven worm-drive and direct-drive sidewinder are the two primary options.

Circular saws generally have steeply beveled teeth angles, which is different from Miter saws.

This will affect your cutting and feed rate unless you choose a compatible blade, depending on the type of circular cutting tool.

Rotation Speed

Larger blades of a circular saw can rotate faster by traveling further.

But, the speed of your particular saw will slow down due to an imbalanced or incompatible RPM rating.

Smaller blades will touch less ground of the workpieces while spinning continuously.

As a result, it will take more to cut the workpiece, unlike larger saw blades.

Can You Use Any Size Blade On A Circular Saw?

Can You Use Any Size Blade On A Circular Saw

It is better to use the manufacturer-recommended blade size on a circular saw to ensure safe operation and prevent unwanted damage to the cutting tool.

More importantly, you will receive optimal cutting performance.

For example, larger blades will fail to deliver sufficient clearance for chip exhaust. Plus, it will cause interference with the guards.

However, its effect will be minimal if the difference is only 1 mm or 1/16 inch.  

The blade will struggle to fit in the limited guard diameter when it is more than that. Due to the tight tolerances, too large blades may ruin the cutting ability of the circular saw.

On the other hand, smaller blades might be risky on circular saws if the guard doesn’t appropriately cover the blade teeth.

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Can You Use A Blade With A Different Kerf On Your Circular Saw?

Can You Use A Blade With A Different Kerf On Your Circular Saw

The kerf of blades refers to the breadth of the blades. It mainly implies the distance from one side to another of the material.

When you slide the circular saw once, it affects how many materials are removed. The larger the width, the more materials can get off from a single slide.

Full kerf saw blades have 1/8 inch wide carbide teeth, whereas thin kerf saw blades have 3/32 inch wide carbide teeth. They have a 1/32-inch difference.

You can use a blade with a thinner kerf on the circular saw as they will have less pressure on the electric saw.

Using wider blades with thicker kerf is also okay unless the motor is too weak that can’t withstand the force.

However, you can’t also overlook the compatibility of the arbor of the circular saw.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is more teeth on a circular saw blade better?

Circular saw blades with more teeth are better If you prefer more precise and smooth cutting. It will provide a finer finish.

Does bore size matter in a circular saw?

The main job of a bore is attaching the blade to the circular saw arbor. You can use a blade with a larger diameter than the circular saw arbor. But, the smaller options will not work.

Last Words

Are you still wondering about this question: Can I use a smaller blade on my circular saw? You can utilize it if it meets the minimal specifications.

Occasional usage might be okay. But don’t use it for long-term purposes. Otherwise, it will affect the cutting performance of the saw. Their quality may deteriorate over time.

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