How To Clean Hook And Loop Sander

Are you wondering how to clean hook and loop sander that you have been using for a while now?

A hook and loop sander have a mechanism like Velcro that uses hooks and loops to connect the sanders to a machine. It makes it easier to change the sandpaper.

Some are hook and loop sandpaper while some are hook and loop sanding discs. You can even get them in triangular and star shapes. They are also available in coarse to superfine grades.

Regardless of the type of hook and loop sander you have, you need to know how to clean them to make them last longer!

So here I am with another article to spice up your day!

Why Do You Need To Clean Hook And Loop Of Disk Sander?

When you frequently use your hook and loop disc sander, it accumulates a range of objects, most commonly dust, debris, string, hair, lint, and crumbs. The soiled hook and loop of your disc sanders can hinder your sanding work and also make the piece you are working on dirty.

If You Don’t Clean Hook and Loop, What Problems Will You Face?

All the unnecessary objects that the hook and loop attract ultimately lower the bond strength of the fastener. If you don’t clean them, it becomes redundant and requires a new replacement.

How Do You Clean a Hook and Loop Sander Disc?

Clean Hook And Loop Of Disk Sander

Although a hook and loop sander may sound like an alien tool, cleaning it is very normal and easy. Follow the directions below to clean and wash your hook and loop sander disc!

Step 1: Pluck the Dirt

To clean a few dots, you can pluck the dirt from the hook and loop with your fingers. It can be a bit time-consuming

Step 2: Comb Them Out

Now, you can use a comb to get rid of debris that is hard to clean with your fingers. Tug the comb through the hooks aligned to the columns.

Most dirt and fuzz should come off with this technique. If you are still some more stuck between the rows, pull the comb at a 90 degrees angle from the base of the hook and loop sander.

Step 3: Use Other Household Items

If you can’t find a suitable comb for cleaning, try using some other common household items, like hairbrushes, needles, pins, toothbrush, and staples.

The weirdest but most useful household tool that you can use to clean hook and loop scum is the saw-edged strip of a tape dispenser! Try first then thank me later.

Step 4:

The next step is to clean the entire hook and loop sander by washing it in the washing machine. For this though, make sure that yours are machine-washable sanders . Check the label for any other important instructions before attempting to wash it.

Provided it is machine-washable, you need to be aware of a few other things in addition. The hook can stick to a number of materials and damage them.

Note: It may also accumulate strings, wool, fur, and hair from those materials in the load. That is why, I would recommend you to wash the sander hook and loop by hand separately.

On the other hand, you can attach the hook to the loop before washing it in the washing machine. This simple step will prevent it from sticking to other fabrics during the wash.

What You May Use For Cleaning Hook And Loop

When it comes to cleaning hook and loop of sanders, there is no one specific tool. You can clean it with anything you find at home. As long as it gets the job done.

So, let’s look at some of the common tools lying around at home that can clean sanding disc hook and loop!

Nit Comb

Surprise! A nit comb can not only remove lice and nit from your head, but also get rid of dirt and fuzz from your hook and loop sander.

Nit Comb

A nit comb has finer and narrower teeth than a regular hair comb. Therefore, it can eliminate more dust and dirt from the hook and loop in only a few moves. For overall hygiene, wash the hook and loop in soapy water afterwards.



Next, you can use a sponge from the kitchen to remove dirt from a hook and loop sander. The result may not be as impressive as with a nit comb or a regular comb. But it is worth the shot!



Hairbrush, toothbrush or brushes of any kind can become a useful tool to clean the hook and loop of sanding discs. You can remove the lint stuck in the rows with this. Just apply swift strokes over the loop to remove all debris and unwanted materials.

Vacuum Cleaner

Did you know your vacuum cleaner can clean hook and loop sander? I’m hearing this for the first time!

Portable Vacuum Cleaner

You may think that the vacuum cleaner is too big for cleaning sander hook and loop. But guess what? Any portable vacuum cleaner or the small attachment of the cleaner that is usually used for cleaning corners can get rid of fuzz and other nonsense from the hook and loop!

Cleaning Cloths

Cleaning Clothes

The last option is to use small cleaning cloths to clean the hook and loop sander.

Step 1

Start with a dry or wet piece of cloth and rub from side to side over the hook and then the loop.

Step 2

Blow on the hook and loop to remove any remaining residue. Then, check for overall cleanliness.

Step 3

If you used wet cloth, let the hook and loop dry for a while before storage.

Can You Wash Hook And Loop With Water?

Yes, but it depends on what the hook and loop is made of. If it is made of plastic and polyester, it may resist water.

However, most hook and loop sanders are machine-washable and hand-washable. Just check the labels and instructions that come with the sanders to confirm how you can wash it.


I bet you are confident about cleaning hook and loop sanders now! All you have to do is scavenge around the house for the tools I have mentioned. Then get scrubbing! 

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