Sharpening Dewalt Planer Blades: How You Do It?

When is the last time you have sharpened your Dewalt planer blades? Generally, this type of planer blade requires honing once per year. Too dull blades will put your woodworking on hold. You won’t get the professional-grade result like a new Dewalt Planer.

Sharpening Dewalt planer blades is simple when you know the right approach. Before sharpening a blade, you must inspect its edge condition. Here, I will walk you through how to sharpen Dewalt planer blades step-by-step.

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Can Dewalt Planer Blades Be Sharpened?

According to most professional wood crafters, Dewalt planer blades need replacement when they are too dull to cut your desired objects. However, when you have no other option but to use the current Dewalt planer blade, you can sharpen it if you have enough sharpening skills.

But remember, sharpening the planer blade will make the edge area smaller, giving you less usable space. This will increase the overall period sharpening session. Nevertheless, it is still worth considering when you don’t have any alternative options.

What Angle Do You Sharpen Dewalt Planer Blades?

It is important to remember that the sharpening approach for Dewalt planer blades will be slightly different from other planer blades.

Each Dewalt planer blade must be followed by two sharpening angles. You will first sharpen the leading edge at 42 degrees and then move the sharpening tool slightly to position it at 38 degrees

Steps To Sharpen Dewalt Planer Blades

It is compulsory to follow some basic steps when you want to sharpen your dull Dewalt planer blades. Below are the steps to go throw to hone your planer blades effectively.

Remove the Blades

Before removing the blades, make sure the machine is unplugged. So, start by disconnecting the dust collection. Also, remove the top panel.

Now, locate the cutting head area. Each blade is connected with several bolts. Loosen these nuts using the right tool. Then the blades will be easy to remove.

Clean the Blade and the Machine

You may notice a lot of shavings and dust under the top panel. Get a regular wire brush and a piece of fresh cloth.

Pour some lukewarm water and a few drops of soap into a bowl. Then soak the blades for 10 minutes. Use the fresh cloth to clean other parts of the machine in the meantime.

Afterward, use the wire brush to scrub the blades’ surface. Remove stains and other dust marks. The blades’ edges are still sharp enough to cut hands. So, be careful while cleaning.

Finally, wipe off the blade surface using a piece of new fabric. Let it dry properly in an open space.

Use a Jig to Sharpen

Inspect the blades’ conditions. Check at what angles they become too dull. Now, get your commercial sharpening jig.

Properly set up this versatile tool. Have you used the jig for sharpening any blades earlier? If yes, adjusting the current blade angle is necessary.

Generally, you have first to set up the sharpening angle at 42 degrees. Then, again adjust the angle to 38 degrees. Don’t put too much pressure while sharpening it.

In addition, carefully inspect the blade edge to see how further it has sharpened. Don’t over-sharpen it. Otherwise, you will cut out a small part of the edge.

Test Whether Your Blades Are Sharp

Once the blades become sharp enough, it is time to test them out. Get an old piece of newspaper and run the blade over it.

You have sharpened the paper enough if the blade can cut the paper cleanly. You can put it back in its original place. If the blade has cut the newspaper raggedly, it will need further honing.

Repeat the same process for additional sharpening. Make sure you don’t overdo it. You may ruin its overall cutting efficiency.

Return the Blades

When you think the blades have enough sharpness to handle any wood handling projects, put them back in their prior spot. Tighten the nuts properly to avoid unwanted movements.

Assemble all the parts of your Dewalt planer. Make sure you do it step-by-step. Plus, the blades should be at the right angle. Clean the floor area. It may have accumulated some dust.

Check the Blades

So, you have sharpened the blades. Now, use your Dewalt planer to cut the wood. Check its cutting quality compared to the earlier condition.

You should not expect the same cutting ability as a new planer blade. After all, you are dealing with an old blade. Its performance is likely to degrade over time.

But honing the current blades will at least give you a better result than the dull blades. Plus, you can’t continue with these blades for long. Replacing them will be necessary.

If the blades have already become too old, sharpening them will merely make any positive impact. Going for a brand new blade replacement appears to be the best solution.

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What Safety Procedures Should You Follow When Sharpening Dewalt Planer Blades?

Sharpening any blades requires you to follow some safety procedures. After all, there are some risks associated with this task. Here are some common tips you should follow while sharpening Dewalt planer blades.

  • Before removing the blades from your Dewalt Planer, make sure you turn off the machine and unplug the wire from an electrical source.
  • Wear a pair of protective gloves. It will keep your hands protected while touching the blade edge directly. However, the gloves should be comfortable enough to hold the blades.
  • Avoid touching the blade edge directly after sharpening them. You may have minor cuts.
  • Use both hands while sharpening the blades to get a perfect balance to hold it.

Last Words

It is normal to have dull blades after a particular time. Working with blunt blades will prevent cutting your woods precisely. It is pretty risky too. It is best to replace new blades for Dewalt planer when they are not sharp enough for cutting lumber.

However, sharpening Dewalt planer blades can serve a short-term purpose when you don’t have enough budget to get a new blade. Hopefully, you have learned how to hone Dewalt planer blades step-by-step.

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