The 6 Best Sandpaper for Random Orbital Sander

Whether deck preparation or the final touch to your wooden furniture, orbital sanders come with hundreds of unique usages. However, just getting the best sandpaper isn’t the end of the story.

You’ll also need good sandpaper to get the best out of your woodworking random orbital sander. That’s why I have put together this list of the four best sandpaper for random orbital sander for you.

So, without further ado, let’s see what these sandpaper have to offer.

Our Most Recommended Sandpaper For Random Orbital Sander

Product NameDescriptionPrice
S SATC Hook and Loop Adhesive Sanding DiscsS SATC Hook And Loop Sanding DiscGrit Material
Aluminum Oxide
Grit Number
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Miady Hook and Loop Sanding DiscsMiady Hook And Loop Sanding DiscGrit Material
Aluminium Oxide
Check Price
workpro Hook and Loop Sanding DiscWORKPRO Hook And Loop Sanding DiscGrit Material
Aluminium Oxide
Grit Rating
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POWERTEC Hook and Loop Sanding DiscPOWERTEC Hook And Loop Sanding DiscGrit Material
Aluminium Oxide
Grit Rating
Check Price
Artisanman 5 inch Sanding DiscAlysontech 5 inch Sanding DiscGrit Material
Aluminum Oxide
Grit Rating
Check Price
LotFancy Sanding Disc sandpaperLotFancy Sanding Disc sandpaperGrit Material
Grit Rating
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What kind of sandpaper for orbital sander

Before answering this question, you have to know how orbital sandpaper works. The sander’s motion actually does the job, so the sandpaper doesn’t make much difference. You can use any grit and sandpaper according to your need and project.

Can you use normal sandpaper on an orbital sander?

Yes, absolutely. Unless it’s a special or delicate project, you can easily get the job done with your normal sandpaper. As long as the sandpaper has grit, it’ll smooth out anything, no matter which type of sandpaper you use.

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Miady Hook and Loop Sanding Discs (Best 5 Inch Hook And Loop Sanding Discs)

best 5 inch hook and loop sanding discs
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The first sanding disc I have brought for you guys is from Miady. Miady is already a famous name in the sandpaper market, and the great reviews from its customers tend to prove that point. This pack consists of 70 pieces of 5-inch hook and loop sanding discs.

I really appreciated the size as it’s a balanced one. Whether sanding tight surfaces or quick work, this 5-inch disk should cover both. The loops will make sure the dust stays off while you work. To cover a wide range of jobs, the pack covers grit from 40 to all the way up to 800.


  • Hook and look design allows easy installation
  • It keeps the dust away
  • Wide range of grit
  • Premium aluminium oxide build


  • The disc might come off sometime because of the small loops

Reason to buy

For the price tag, there is nothing to complain about. If you want to get the value for your investment, Miady sand disc pack is the way to go.

Check Price Miady Hook And Loop Sanding Disc At Amazon

S SATC Hook and Loop Adhesive Sanding Discs (Best Sanding Disc For Wood)

best sanding disc for wood
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This time we have another similar item like the Miady sand discs. But with all the goodness of our previous option, S SATC is offering you something more here, which is the extra option of choosing a pack of 150 sand discs.

Apart from that, the 5-inch sanding discs are highly durable. You can use the 72-piece disc pack no matter the job without worrying about anything. To ensure the discs don’t come off easily, S SATC used a calcined abrasive. 


  • Handy hook and loop design for easy installation and dust-prevention
  • Thick paper backing
  • String calcined adhesive for strong attachment
  • Durable aluminium oxide grit material


  • Lacks grit variety

Reason to buy

With the strong adhesive backing it up, this disc pack is one of the best options on the market. If you don’t need the grit variety, you should definitely give this sanding disc pack a try.

Check Price S SATC Hook And Loop Sanding Disc AT Amazon

POWERTEC Hook and Loop Sanding Disc (Best Sanding Discs For Random Orbital Sander)

best sanding discs for random orbital sander
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For people looking for something a bit premium, I brought this sanding disc pack from Powertec. The packs cots s a few bucks more with fewer sand discs, but the high quality makes up for that extra cost. Unlike the previous options, this 50 piece sand disc pack comes with single grit numbers.

So, the verity might be absent here for some. But other great features like hook and loop design and solid build make Powertec sandpaper a great choice.


  • Heat and moisture resistant abrasive
  • Easy adjustability thanks to hook and loop design
  • Premium build quality
  • Versatile application


  • Lacks different grit options

Reason to buy

If your job requires you to work with the same grit sandpaper, this premium option from Powertec is worth checking out.

Check Powertec Hook And Loop Sanding Disc At Amazon

WORKPRO Sanding Discs Set (Best 5 Inch Sanding Disc For Wood)

best 5 inch sanding disc for wood
Check Price Amazon

We are back at the regular sanding discs after the premium option from Powertec. If you are a professional who needs a lot of sanding discs for every project, this WORKPRO disc set might be worth checking out. There are 150 pieces in the pack, with 15 pieces of different grits available.

The discs have napping back, so removing or attaching these discs is super easy too. Lastly, these aluminium oxide discs are compatible with all the orbital sanders out there, so you don’t have to worry about the compatibility issue anymore.


  • Good value for money 150 piece pack
  • Napping back for quick removal and attachment
  • Efficient dust removal with an eight-hole design
  • Compatible with a wide range of orbital sander


  • The adhesive loses its strength after some time in some cases

Reason to buy

If you are looking forward to buying a bulk pack of sanding discs, you should try this pack out. They might not last as long, but the sheer value of this pack makes up for that.

Check WORKPRO Hook And Loop Sanding Disc At Amazon

Alysontech Sanding Disc (Best 5 inch Hook And Loop Sanding Disc)

Artisanman Sanding Disc
Check Price Amazon

As per the manufacturers, each sanding disc from this pack is equivalent to three pieces of regular sanding disc. To my surprise, the reviews of Alysontech sanding disc packs seem to have the same view.

Again, if you are planning to buy in bulk, this sanding disc pack is worth checking out. There are ten discs of each grit. So, with a single pack like this, you can cover a lot of projects. The eight-hole design simultaneously serves the purpose of stronger adhesion and dust extraction.


  • Abrasion resistance and water resistance for long-lasting use
  • Variety of grit numbers
  • Multipurpose use for different projects
  • Consistent sanding result


  • The finer grits discs have identical performance

Reason to buy

Great fit, strong adhesion, versatility, everything is present in this Alysontech sanding disc. If you have got the money, this is a pretty decent pack to check out.

Check Alysontech Sanding Disc At Amazon

LotFancy Sanding Disc (Best 5 Inch Disc Sandpaper For Orbital Sander)

LotFancy Sanding Disc
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I am wrapping it up with a value for money sanding disc set from LotFancy. This pack has a lot of similarities with the previous options. But on top of that, you get to choose between a 60 piece and a 100 piece pack.

That makes LotFancy an excellent choice for the money. With the variety of options provided here, you can do any finishing job other than metal with ease. The sanding discs are made of aluminum oxide, so you get a consistent and smooth sanding result. Lastly, the hook and loop design are there to provide necessary adhesion.


  • Strong adhesion due to hook and loop design
  • Smooth sanding pattern
  • Compatible with different types of surface
  • Stearate coating to prevent clogging


  • Some units have removal issues

Reason to buy

There are so many good things going on with this sanding paper, like durable build, good adhesion and a variety of grits. For the money, you really can’t go wrong with this LoFancy sanding disc pack.

Check Lotfancy Sanding Disc At Amazon

Buying guide

At this point, you might be thinking of sandpapers as a simple attachment for your orbital sander. However, there are many small things you need to consider before buying sandpaper. Otherwise, your money will go to waste, and the result won’t be optimum either.

Dust Collection

You might be wondering what’s the relation between dust collection and sandpaper. You’ll typically notice two types of sandpapers for an orbital sander in the market. One has a solid surface, while the other type has a hook and loop design with holds around the sandpaper. These loops will make it easier for the saner to collect the dust.

So, if you have a dust allergy, don’t forget to get the hook and loop sandpaper.

Grit Readability

It’s super important that you always use the correct grit for a specific project. If you use higher grit, it might completely ruin your project. To determine which sandpaper to use, grit readability is a crucial factor. So, when buying sandpapers, get the light-coloured ones as the grit numbers are easier to read on them.

Sandpaper Pack

On the market, you’ll see sandpapers mostly sold in different packs. These packs come with varying numbers of sandpapers and a grit range.

Depending on the volume of your work, you might not need a large pack. Also, the pack you are buying might not have the finer sandpaper you need for your project. So, consider these things carefully before purchasing.

Grit Number

The first number indicates how coarse or fine the sandpaper will be. That’s why you have to be careful about the sandpaper grit you are getting. Different jobs will require completely different grit numbers. Make sure the pack you are buying have your number of grit needed.

Moreover, the grit numbers must be accurate to deliver the promised sanding result. So, try to find out about the accuracy too.

Disc Size

Sandpaper comes in various sizes. Depending on the delicacy of a particular project, you might need smaller or bigger sandpaper. While bigger sandpapers might be useful for quick work, smaller ones allow you to reach tight spaces and do delicate tasks.

So, you have to consider the disc size carefully. Besides, buying bigger sanding discs might result in incompatibility with the orbital sander; beware of that too.


What is the best sandpaper to use on wood?

By asking what sandpaper to use for wood, it mostly means which grit to use for a specific job. Well, there are no set rules here. The best practice is to start with a lower grit number and then move up so that you don’t ruin your project.

What is the roughest grit sandpaper?

Rough, or you can also say coarse sandpapers are mostly used to shape out roughly shaped objects or remove the previous finishes from an object. Around 24 grit sandpapers can be considered the general threshold of roughest sandpapers.

What’s the smoothest sandpaper?

Smooth, or you can say finer sandpapers, has the exact opposite use of coarse sandpapers. Unlike intense sanding, these sandpapers are used for final sanding works towards project completion. Typically, 600 grit sandpaper can be considered the smoothest sandpaper out there.

How do I know what sandpaper to use?

Which sandpaper you’ll have to use totally depends on your project. If you are doing intense stripping, go for the coarse sandpaper with lower grit numbers. Then for small bumps or imperfections, use medium grits. Lastly, for smoothening, put your project, get the finest sandpapers.

Last Words

That’s a wrap for today. I hope my article was helpful enough to figure out your requirement and decide about the purchase. With these sandpapers, your projects will now become smoother and more efficient.

All you have to do is pick one according to your need and get to sanding now.

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