Best Table Saw Blade For Plywood In 2023

Can I be frank with you?

No matter how good your table saw is, ultimately, it comes down to the blade. It doesn’t matter if you are a carpenter, a contractor, or a homeowner with DIY enthusiasms; you need the best saw blade for making furniture from plywood.

If you’re reading this, I’m sure you know this already. I’m also sure that you’re looking for the right blade. I will show you some of the best blades for the table saw. You can choose one that hits your expectation. So, let’s fire away.

Best Table Saw For Plywood

Most Recommended Table Saw Blades For Cutting Plywood

Freud Saw Blade for plywoodFreud 10 In. 80 Tooth Ultimate Plywood and Melamine Cutting Saw BladeItem Dimensions LxWxH
1 x 1 x 1 inches
Number of Teeth
Item Weight
1.98 Pounds
Compatible Material
Engineered Wood
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DEWALT Saw Blade for plywoodDEWALT 10-in. Miter / Table Saw Blade, Fine Finish, 60-ToothItem Dimensions LxWxH
14.5 x 11.38 x 0.63 inches
Number of Teeth
Item Weight
‎3.28 pounds
Compatible Material
Engineered Wood
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BOSCH saw blade 1 e1649227303222BOSCH DCB1080 Daredevil10-Inch 80-ToothItem Dimensions LxWxH
12 x 14 x 0.31 inches
Number of Teeth
Item Weight
1.75 Pounds
Compatible Material
Engineered Wood, Wood
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IRWIN saw blade for playwoodIRWIN Marples 10-Inch Circular Saw BladeItem Dimensions LxWxH
12.9 x 11.65 x 0.43 inches
Number of Teeth
Item Weight
‎1.5 pounds
Compatible Material
Engineered Wood, Plastic, Metal
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diablo table saw bladeDiablo table Saw BladeItem Dimensions LxWxH
6.25 x 0.82 x 0.51 inches
Number of Teeth
Item Weight
0.15 Pounds
Compatible Material
Engineered Wood, Wood, Metal
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Freud 10 In. 80 Tooth Ultimate Plywood and Melamine Cutting Saw Blade

Freud Saw Blade For Plywood
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The first blade I’ve brought to you is Freud’s HiATB 10-inch blade with 80 teeth for cutting plywood and melamine board. While cutting veneer plywood to melamine boards, this heavy-duty blade will provide you with a precise and chip-free cut. Its 1.98 pounds weight makes it lightweight and will allow you to carry it easily. 


  • Comes with TiCo high-density carbide tips
  • Freud’s Perma-shield coating reduces friction and heat.
  • Provides excellent accuracy
  • Laser-cut anti-vibration slots reduce vibration and sideways moving.


  • The blade is slightly shorter than 10 inches.

Why Should One Buy This One

 People looking for a saw blade for cutting softer plywood like veneer and melamine board should buy this one. It comes with superior features and performs excellently.

Why It Is Special

Non-stick coating, anti-vibration slots, and high-density carbide tips make it unique from other saw blades.

DEWALT 10-in. Miter / Table Saw Blade, Fine Finish, 60-Tooth

dewalt table saw blade for plywood
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The next one I’ve chosen is Dewalt’s 10-inch saw blade with 60 teeth. Because of the teeth count, you can smoothly and precisely cut any plywood with it. Besides, its shoulder design puts more metal behind the tips to make them durable.

Moreover, the vibration is reduced for better accuracy because of the precisely balanced plate.


  • Specially made tips increase longevity
  • Comes with 2 pieces of blades in one pack
  • An excellent value for the cost
  • It offers a refined and clean cut
  • Works with a table saw and miter saw.


  • A bit more weighted than others.

Why Should One Buy This One

People should buy it because it offers superior performance for cutting hardwood, softwood, , chipboards, and plywood. Most importantly, it is made from high-quality carbide and lasts for a long time.

Why It Is Special

It is unique because you can use it with both tables saw and milter saw. Plus, the pack includes two blades.

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BOSCH DCB1080 Daredevil10-Inch 80-Tooth

Bosch Table saw blade for plywood
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People looking for a blade with a higher teeth count can choose Bosch Daredevil, 80 teeth 10-inch blade. This feature-packed blade is made of specially engineered extra hard brute carbide to resist impact damages to a greater extent.

Besides, you will receive the best performance even in heavy-duty plywood cutting.


  • The blade material possesses C4 micro-grain for fast cutting and durability.
  • Triple ground teeth provide smooth operation
  • It comes with a speed-coat anti-friction coating.
  • Provides extreme cuts and high-quality finishes
  • Less splinter while cutting


  • Cut slower than many other saw blades.

Why Should One Buy This One

You should buy this blade because of the higher teeth count and other benefits that come along with it. Most importantly, the blade is made from extra hard metal, and you can use this blade for a long time, not the mention the higher performance you will get.

 Why It Is Special

Features like C4 micro-grain brute carbide, speed-coat anti-friction finish, etc., make this blade special.

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IRWIN Marples 10-Inch Circular Saw

Irwin table saw blade for plywood
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This time, we have a circular saw blade from Irwin Tools with a 10-inches triple chip grind and 84 teeth. Because of its unique design and extra sharp large-size carbide teeth, you can cut plywood, melamine board, and plastics with this blade.

You will get great precision while cutting because of the laser-cut and thin kerf saw blade.


  • Teeth can be re-sharped.
  • It comes with heat resistant non-stick coating to reduce gumming
  • Easy to clean
  • Provides a smooth tear-free cut
  • Can cut melamine and plastic apart from plywood.


  • A bit expensive

Why Should One Buy This One

You should purchase this blade if you want to use it for multiple reasons, including cutting plywood as well as plastics and melamine. Moreover, it will offer a flawless cut because of its balance tension.

Why It Is Special

The unique feature of this blade is that you can re-sharp them and use it for a long time.

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Diablo 60 Tooth Fine Finish Table Saw Blade

diablo table saw blade
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Last but not least, Diablo by Freud is a 10-inch saw blade with 60 teeth and is designed to provide splinter-free fine finished edges. Like the other Freud on our list, it is also made from Tico Hi-density carbide to provide enhanced performance.

Moreover, the Perma-shield non-stick coating protects this blade from gumming and corrosion.


  • Thin laser cut kerf provides faster cutting
  • Quietly cuts on various surfaces
  • Shock-resistance carbide ensures precision
  • 60-teeth ensure smooth cutting


  • It might produce splinters while cutting hardwood.

Why Should One Buy This One

The brand name Freud itself will attract many people to this saw blade. But if we look into its feature, we’ll find that it is a highly lightweight blade, and you will get high precision and excellent performance from it.

Why It Is Special

You will find it special because it is incredibly lightweight, and you can quietly cut your plywood with it.

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What type of blade is best for plywood?

Cutting plywood is a tricky job, and if you do not use the right blade, it can quickly turn into a mess. There are saw blades specially designed for plywood, and you must use them to minimize tear-out and maximize speed.

Some basic circular saw offers 24-tooth blades, and they are for professional level carpentry. But if you want a smoother cut and use the blade on less sturdy plywood, you should go for 40-tooth blades

You will find 4 types of table saw blades offering various cuts and applications on plywood. FTG or Flat Top Grind, ATB or Alternative Top Bevel, ATRB or Combination, and TCG or Triple-Chip Grind. They all can provide high performance when used for the task they were made for.

Major Factors to Consider When Choosing Table Saw Blades for Cutting Plywood

It is pretty normal to get confused when you see loads of table saw blades in front of you. How can you choose the best one from so many options? You have to look at their specs and features while crossing them with your expectation.

It is essential to know what to consider while choosing one. But not a problem if you are not sure about it. Allow me to show you the crucial factors you should consider while buying a table saw blade. Let’s jump right in.

Types of Plywood You will Cut                                    

As I’ve already mentioned, various blades work for various types of plywood. Plywood is artificially made from different layers of wood and used for making furniture, floors, and panels.

Several layers of thin soft, and hardwood are glued together and compressed under heat to make plywood.

Most plywood is about 3 millimeters thick, and they are referred to as 3-ply and 5-ply as in odd numbers. The cheaper ones have fewer layers and are made from softwood, and the expensive ones have more layers and a hard outer layer.

You will find many alternatives while shopping for plywood. For instance, you can choose from 2×2 to 4×10 sizes. As the thickness depends on the number of plies, you must use a blade suitable for your plywood type.

Plywood Sheet Types


MDF or Medium-Density-Fiber is a cheaper option. Nonetheless, this veneer plywood offers tight bonding with different layers.


MDO stands for Medium Density Overlay, and HDO stands for High-Density Overplay. Both are cheaper with MDF coating.

VC Plywood

VC or Veneer Coating plywood is solid but lightweight. As a result, they are pretty easy to work with. You will find alternate layers in this plywood with a veneer finish.

Lumber Core Plywood

An expensive option for plywood with a solid outer layer. The inside is consists of hardwood veneer.

Particle Board Core (PBC) Plywood

It is another solid and lightweight plywood with coarse dust inside that you can efficiently deal with because of its lightweight.

Melamine Plywood

Melamine plywood is mainly used in kitchen cabinets and is made from resin and plastic finish.  

Crosscut or Ripping Cut

You can cut your plywood in two ways: crosscut and ripping cut. Cross is cutting against the wood grain. It can be tricky, especially when you see wood grains or fibers are coming off your plywood.

On the contrary, rip cut is cutting your plywood along the wood grain. It is easy as no fiber comes off the plywood. You can use a blade with big teeth and gullets for rip cut

Consider the Issues Concomitant with Cutting Plywood

Many issues will come up while cutting plywood, especially if you do not select the right blade. You might find your plywood has splinters on edge after cutting it.

Most importantly, you can cut your hand with the splinters. So the best way to avoid this is to score the plywood before you cut them.

Number of Teeth

The number of teeth is an essential feature for cutting plywood. You will find various teeth options for saw blades. It will determine the cutting performance of the table saw. If you want to use the blade professionally, go for 24-teeth blades. You can easily cut any hard plywood with them as they have larger teeth.

On the other hand, if you need a smooth rip cut, go for 40-teeth blades. If you want an even smoother operation, select a 50-teeth blade or higher. Remember, the higher the teeth count, the smoother the cutting. 

Size and Thickness of the Blade

The blade’s size and thickness matter because larger blades are easier to cut, and thick ones are most durable. You can easily cut any size of plywood with a large blade. Plus, a thick blade means it is sturdier and can cut the hardest plywood. On the other hand, some plywood requires smaller blades.

Teeth Per Inch (TPI)

You should check out the TPI or Teeth per inch of the blade. For cutting plywood, you need a blade with a TPI between 6 and 20. It is a fair number for cutting soft materials like plywood.

Materials Used in the Blade

Most saw blades are made of High-Speed Steel or HSS. They are incredibly sharp and durable. Some manufacturers also use stainless steel to make saw blades. You must consider blade material before choosing one.


How many teeth blades for ripping plywood?

For ripping plywood, you need a large teeth blade and gullets. A blade with 60 to 80 larger teeth will give you a clean and smooth performance while ripping plywood.

What is a 60 tooth saw blade used for?

To be honest, you can use a blade with 60 teeth for all-purpose cutting. You will get a smooth, tear-free finish because of the higher teeth count.

Do I need a plywood blade for table saw?

A table saw is an excellent tool for cutting various objects, including metal, wood, plastic, melamine, etc. But the blade changes with the surface. If you want to cut plywood, you will require a plywood cutting blade with your table saw.

How do you make plywood straight edges?

You need a sharp, and higher teeth saw blade to make straight edges on your plywood. You have to cut straight, and the plywood does not go sideways.

Last Words

Table saw blades are designed to provide various applications on different materials. That’s why it’s quite a challenge to choose the best one.

But now that you know the best blades, their features, and their benefits, I’m sure you have figured out the most suitable one. It’s your call now.

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