The 6 Best 8 ¼ Table Saw Blade For Accurate Cuts

For woodworking projects, table saws are arguably one of the essential tools. But no matter how powerful or feature-packed your table saw is, it becomes worthless without proper saw blades as the blade does the job of cutting.

Using a high-quality table saw blade makes your woodwork more accurate and makes the experience more enjoyable.

Among different saw blade sizes, 8 ¼” is very popular for cutting small wood pieces. Due to this popularity, there are many options on the market, and it often becomes challenging for customers to select a product.

So, today I have brought you this list of the best 8-1/4 table saw blade, to shortlist the best products the market has to offer. Let’s have a look.

dewalt table saw blade 8.25 inchDEWALT Table Saw Blade, 8-1/4Item Dimensions LxWxH
9.8 x 0.45 x 10.6 inches
Number of Teeth
Item Weight
0.9 Pounds
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norske table saw blade 8.25inchNorske 8-1/4 inch 60T Table Saw BladePackage Dimensions
‎10.7 x 9.7 x 0.2 inches
Number of Teeth
60 Teeth
Item Weight
‎15.2 ounces
Check Price
makita table saw blade 8.25 inchMakita D-21521 8-1/4-Inch Saw Blade Product Dimensions
‎3.23 x 14.96 x 25.2 inches
Number of Teeth
24 Teeth
Item Weight
‎12.8 ounces
Check Price
mastec table saw blade 8.25inchMASTEC Table Saw Blade 8-1/4 Inch 80 ToothPackage Dimensions
‎8.5 x 7.7 x 0.6 inches
Number of Teeth
Item Weight
‎11.2 ounces
Check Price
twin town table saw blade 8.25inchTWIN-TOWN 8-1/4-Inch Saw Blade, 60 TeethSize
Number of Teeth
Item Weight
12.6 ounces
Check Price
tomax 8.25 inch bladeTomax 8-1/4-Inch Saw Blade, 40 TeethSize
Number of Teeth
Item Weight
Check Price

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DEWALT DWAFV3824 Flexvolt 24T Table Saw Blade

DEWALT Table Saw Blade
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DEWALT DWAFV3824 Flexvolt might not have the highest number of teeth, but it has other spectacular qualities.

Firstly, if you are looking for a flat tooth ripping blade, this product is an excellent option for you with only 24 teeth. You can rip down all you want with this blade. Next up, even with this lesser tooth, you will get a smooth cut thanks to the thin kerf of this blade.

Finally, combining the kerf and 24 teeth, this blade will cut through your wood piece like butter.


  • Thinner kerf ensures a smooth cut
  • 24 tooth count offers sufficient ripping
  • Submicron grade carbide teeth ensure longevity
  • Made of durable carbide


Little expensive than its competitors

Reason to buy

If you are looking for something more rip-capable than your 36T blade, the DEWALT DWAFV3824 Flexvolt 24T blade is the perfect option. If you can afford it, there is no need to look for other options.

Dewalt 8-1/4 Table Saw Blade Price At Amazon

Norske Tools NCSBP272 60T Melamine Plus Saw Blade

norske table saw blade
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Next up, we have the 60T blade from Norske Tools. This blade checks almost every box a good table saw blade should, which earned this blade a spot on this list. Starting with durability, this baled is made of C4 Micro-grain carbide. So, you get a long-lasting blade.

Next, the blade is also precision sharpened at all sides, which will cut through your wood like butter. Norske Tools NCSBP272 60T is already a crosscut blade, and the 35-degree high ATB tooth design on top of that really gives it an upper hand in precise wood projects.

Lastly, there is an anti-vibration slot to minimize the vibration and provide a longer lifespan.


  • 35 degree high ATB tooth design
  • Crosscut blade for a smooth and clean cut
  • Precision sharpened C-4 carbide tips
  • Anti-vibration slots to prevent vibration


  • Not a good choice if you are planning to use it on a hand-controlled saw

Reason to buy

There is practically nothing to complain about this fantastic blade from the Norske tool. If you are not looking for ripping-down material, you can invest in this product with your eyes closed.

Norske 8-1/4 Table Saw Blade Price At Amazon

Makita D-21521 Saw Blade

makita table saw blade
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We are back to the flat tooth ripping blade again with a budget-friendly option from Makita. Despite the reasonable price tag, there was no compromise in durability.

First, the blade is made of high-quality carbide. Next, this blade has only 24 teeth, which means it’ll perform great in projects where you’ll have to rip down material. On top of that, this blade can easily withstand a spinning speed of 5700 RPM, so cutting woods with this blade will feel like a walk in the park.

You can even use this blade with larger 10-inch saws, and you’ll love the more fluent result out of that.


  • High-quality carbide construction
  • Fewer teeth ensure a good ripping experience
  • Affordable for everyone
  • Can withstand up to 5700 RPM


  • Lacks a bit in the longevity sector

Reason to buy

For woodworkers looking for a budget table saw blade, this Makita D-21521 is an excellent buy. Though some users complained about the longevity, it’s worth a chance considering the price.

Makita 8-1/4 Table Saw Blade Price At Amazon

MASTEC 8-1/4 Inch 80 Tooth TCG Saw Blade

mastec table saw blade
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Mastec is here with the perfect blade for the most precise and smooth cutting needs. With a blade with 80 teeth and at such a reasonable price, this combo is enough to make this bale a great buy. On top of that, you are getting a durable carbide construction that can cut through the wood.

Though I added this product as a wood cutting blade, it can easily cut through materials like aluminum, plexiglass, and plastic too. With a maximum operational speed of 5800 RPM and a crosscut design, you’ll get the most polished edge out of this MASTEC blade.


  • Compatible to cut wood, aluminum, plastic, and plexiglass
  • The maximum operating speed of 5800 RPM
  • Different size and tooth options are available
  • Usable with circular and miter saws too


  • Excess materials sometimes jam into the blade

Reason to buy

It’s okay to be skeptical for a price tag this low. But once you experience the versatility of Mastec 8-1/4 Inch, 80 tooth TCG saw blade; it’s hard to go back.

Mastec 8-1/4 Table Saw Blade At Amazon

TWIN-TOWN 60T 8-1/4-Inch Saw Blade

twin town table saw blade
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Another great crosscut blade with a reasonable price tag. Twin-Town has been a popular name in the industry, and the reviews of this blade seem to vouch for that.

Firstly, the manufacturer used C-4 construction grade tungsten carbide to ensure maximum durability.

Next, any crosscutting project can be executed perfectly, thanks to the highest teeth count of 80. With this blade, the kerf is relatively thinner, around 2mm only for the smoothest cut.

Finally, the maximum operating speed of this table saw is 7000 RPM. So, that ensures that you can use it with other larger saws, circular saws, and miter saws.


  • Compatible with miter saw and circular saw too
  • Maximum operational speed of 7000 RPM
  • Thin 2 mm kerf for a smooth cut
  • Stabilizer vent to contain vibration and heat


  • Too much RPM can cause the wood to burn

Reason to buy

What Twin-Town has tried to deliver here is absolute performance. From what I have seen, the manufacturer has delivered it successfully with a massive 7000 RPM support and durable C-4 construction grade tungsten carbide build.

Twin-Town 8-1/4 Table Saw Blade At Amazon

TOMAX 8-1/4-Inch 40 Tooth ATB Finishing Saw Blade

tomax 8.25 inch blade
Check Price Amazon

The last product on this list is for absolute budget woodworkers who are looking for a decent saw blade for DIY works low budget. Keeping that demand in mind, TOMAX has brought this budget-friendly carbide saw blade.

The best part of this blade is it’s combined one, so you can hit two birds with one stone with this blade. Whether you need crosscut or ripping, This TOMAX blade will be there to deliver.

The kerf is around 2.2 mm thick; I would say optimum thickness for a smooth cut at this price point. Lastly, there are four laser-cut anti-vibration slots to minimize the blade’s vibration and prevent blade warping. 


High-quality carbide build

Four anti-vibration slots to minimize vibration

Utmost versatility with crosscut and ripping

Excellent value for the money


Some users complained about losing sharpness early

Reason to buy

This TOMAX blade is exclusively for those people looking for a budget-friendly blade. For the price tag, this blade is an absolute steal. However, you should look for other options if you have a higher budget.

Tomax 8-1/4 Blade At Amazon

How Thick Of wood Can An 8-1/4 table Saw Cut?

If you have prior experience with table saws, you should know that 8-1/4 table saws are not that big and fall into the category of small saws. So, the cutting depth is relatively lower for this blade too.

Typically, you wouldn’t be able to cut more than 2.2″ to 2.5″ thick wood pieces.

Are more teeth on a saw blade better?

There are several characteristics of a saw blade that makes it better. More teeth are definitely one of them, and it helps to create a smoother cut. Fewer teeth can cut too, but in the process, they also remove more material than high teeth count blades.

Types Of 8-¼ Table Saw Blades

Before we head into the review section, let’s look at different types of 8-¼ Table Saw Blades. Then, as we advance, it’ll help you understand the products better.


Crosscuts blades are one of the most common types in the industry. As the name suggests, crosscut blades are used to cut across the grain of the wood.

These blades also have a higher teeth count than other blade types. So the cuts might take more time, but they are also pretty smooth and precise.

Flat-Tooth Ripping

Flat tooth ripping blades are precisely the opposite of crosscut blades. Unlike crosscut blades, flat tooth ripping blades cut along the wood grain and have minimum teeth count; the cuts are imprecise and remove material while cutting.


Combination blades are the sweet spot between crosscut and flat tooth ripping blades. The tooth count is not as high as crosscut and not as low as flat tooth ripping blades.

These blades are useful when you want to crosscut or rip cut without changing the blade in the middle of the project.

Alternate Top Bevel (ATB)

As the name suggests, the teeth of this blade alternate between left and right hand bevels one after another. This way, ATB blades generate a cut with smoother edges.

At the same time, these blades can be used for general day-to-day cutting too.

What to Consider When Choosing a Table Saw Blade

If you are new on the market and don’t know what you are looking for exactly, choosing a table saw blade can be challenging. So, below I have discussed several factors to help you determine the perfect table saw blade for your work.

Job Type

So, the first thing you need to figure out is what type of project you will work on with the table saw blade. More specifically said, what kind of cut you’ll need for the project. Crosscut blades are the ideal choice if your project requires smooth and precise cuts.

On the other hand, flat tooth ripping blades are the best option for rip cuts. However, combined blades seem to be the most common choice among woodworkers since they can produce both cuts, and you don’t have to spend extra on the specific type of blade either.

Blade Kerf

The kerf refers typically to the thickness of the blade. If you want to minimize the removal of material, thin kerf blades r eth better choice. On the other hand, go for thick kerf blades if you are not worried about removing material.

One thing to note here is that thicker kerf blades also need more power to operate, so purchase according to your table saw.

Blade Diameter

The blade diameter indicates how deep you’ll be able to cut with that particular blade. Usually, 10″ blades are the most common size for table saws as it’s a balanced size. 8″ and 12″ blades are common too, with certain drawbacks.

While 8″ blades are only for small cutting jobs, 12″ blades are more focused towards industrial use. So, before you make the purchase make sure the blade diameter is exactly what you and your project require.

Blade Tooth Configuration

The tooth configuration of the blade determines how the cut will be from the blade. There are usually two types of cuts, rip cuts and crosscuts. While the first one cuts woods along the grain, the other one refers to cuts across the grain.

If you want a clean and rip cut, crosscut tooth configuration is the best choice. Some additional configuration options are also available, like combination and ATB. You can try those too for a balanced cutting experience.

Tooth Gullet

Tooth gullet means the space between each tooth. This gullet basically determines how much material the blade will remove. For example, flat-Tooth ripping blades have fewer teeth; they have a deeper gullet resulting in more material removal.

On the other hand, crosscut blades have more tooth, meaning smaller gullets, and removes less material.

Additional Features

All the factors discussed above are essential, but you can also look for added features for better performance. For starters, you can look for blades that have anti-vibration slots.

Vibration dulls the blade over time, and this slot can help you deal with that issue. Some blades also come with a non-stick coating. You can look for those too, as they offer longevity and faster cutting.

Tips for Buying and Using a Table Saw Blade

After the buying guide, I have some extra tips for better purchase and overall work experience with the blade you have purchased.

  • Always consider the power of your table saw while purchasing the blade. There is no point in buying a thicker kerf blade that your saw cannot operate.
  • While most blades on the market are tensioned by machines, there are still hand-tensioned ones. You should look for those for the most straight and precise cutting experience.
  • Make sure the blade is made of high-quality material. The better that material, the more durable and long-lasting the blade will be.  C-4 carbide is an excellent material, for that matter.
  • Woodcutting is all about having patience. Give the blade enough time to cut through the wood instead of pressuring it to go through. 

FAQs For Table Saw Blade

Can you put a 10-inch blade on an 8-inch table saw?

Theoretically, putting a 10-inch blade on an 8-inch table saw might be possible. However, whether the blade will be operable remains a question. Usually, a table saw is rated for a certain blade size. Therefore, if you try to put a larger blade, that blade might not have enough clearance.

What is the purpose of the gullet on a saw blade?

The gullet refers to the gap between the teeth. The wider this gap is, the more material it’ll bring out during cutting. So the gullet basically does the job of removing material.

What should you use to rip narrow stock on the table saw?

For rip narrow stock, the fence on the table saw should be enough. But if you want a lot of rip narrow stock of the same thickness, you better use a stop block.
This block will hold the piece in the right place, generating consistent rip narrow stock.

Does a table saw need a riving knife?

Having a riving knife isn’t mandatory, but it definitely helps from different aspects. For starters, if you are making a rip cut, the knife keeps the kerf open and allows the wood to pass through the blade. Then this riving knife can be a great help for preventing kickbacks too.

Last Words

That’s a wrap for today. I hope my review of the best 8-1/4 table saw blade was helpful enough to give you an idea about the available products on the market. All the products I have picked perform flawlessly to produce the cut you want.

Every blade on this list has the same size, all you have to do is pick one that matches your requirement, and you should be good to go. 

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