How to Use A Belt Sander On Table Top

Using a belt sander isn’t rocket science. But when we talk about how to use a belt sander on table top, I can rest assured that most of you can’t get it done safely due to the lack of authentic information.

So today, I’ll guide you through the 6 efficient steps of using a belt sander.

Read on!

What Type Of Sander Is Best For A Table Top?

What Type Of Sander Is Best For A TableTop

These days, so many types of sanders are available. But you can’t use all of them to sand a tabletop. For this particular task, using an orbital sander is by far the best idea. Such a sander can smoothly work with flatter surfaces.

Including that, they are ideal for refinishing the table top and such types of furniture. Also, random sanders are liable to smoothen the wood floors in the best way possible.  

Can You Use A Belt Sander on A Table Top?

Can You Use A Belt Sander on A Table Top

Fortunately, yes!

If you don’t have an orbital sander, you can rely on your belt sander to smoothen wood or refine the tabletop. In general, a belt sander offers rotary movements, making it suitable for refinishing the top of your furniture.

But for this, you need to follow some strict rules and steps to get the work done with success.

How To Use A Belt Sander On Table Top: Step by Step Guide

Stay out of any worries, even if you don’t have an orbital sander. You can still go on with your belt sander in terms of sanding a tabletop. All you need is to follow the given steps:

Things Needed

  • A belt sander
  • Stain (either paint or primer)
  • Paper towel
  • Cleaning spray
  • A chemical stripper
  • A paintbrush

Step-1: Clean Up The Tabletop

This is where you need to focus first before starting the real action. Ensure to spend some extra time preparing the surface through a clean-up.

For this, take assistance from a cleaning spray to eliminate oil, dirt, grease, and stuff like that.

I’d suggest using an all-purpose cleanser to get the best results.

Step 2: Take Off the Original Coats

In order to do so, apply a specific chemical stripper following the correct instructions on the label of your desired product.

Sand the table top down by collecting numerous sandpaper grits. Thus, you can confirm the smoothness of the surface.

Step-3: Apply Wood Container

For staining, I’d suggest using a wood container, which will assist in creating a smooth finish. This should be done by preparing the surface straight away as it will absorb the existing stain. Now, wipe down everything. 

Step-4: Use Coarse Sandpaper

Using a specific paintbrush, you can apply a single coat of stain following the natural grain’s direction. After that, please wait for a while so that it gets completely dry.

Utilize the coarser 80-grit sandpaper to eliminate lint and bumps. Then, wipe away the debris/sawdust immediately.

Step-5: Start Sanding through Finest Grit

Let’s start sanding with your belt sander by squeezing on the trigger. I’d suggest using fine-grit sandpaper (220 or 360). Gently run the sander towards the surface of your tabletop, and don’t rush at all!

Step-6: Wrap Up by Cleaning

As belt sanders create excess saw dust at times, be prepared to clean up the tabletop using paper towels or stuff like that.

Please don’t take any rough pieces of cloth as they may leave scratches on the surface of your tabletop.

What Grit Sandpaper Do You Use to Sand A Table Top?

What Grit Sandpaper Do You Use to Sand A Table Top

In order to sand your table top, using multiple sandpaper grits is always a good idea to get the most out of it.

As you can see, I used both coarse and fine grits to complete my sanding project. In a nutshell, you should start with coarser grits and wrap up with the finest grits.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q):

How do I get a smooth finish on a table top?

There is nothing better than using the correct grits of sandpaper to get a smooth table top finish. For this, begin with the roughest/coarser grit. Both mechanical and hand sanders work fine to make the surface smoother. Using a tack cloth, wipe the table to get it out of dust and debris.

How do you refinish a table top without stripping it?

To do so, first, get the top coat prepared. Use the first coat by applying a staining technique of “faux wood.” Afterward, take assistance from the sealer to refinish the top of the table.

Last Words

If you’ve gone through the entire article on how to use a belt sander on the table top, I can bet that nobody can stop you from performing the task safely and successfully.

Ensure to follow each step thoroughly, and don’t forget to make the best use of sandpaper grits to achieve the smoothest tabletop.

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