Top 6 Best Wen Belt Sander Review (Expert Opinion)

When you have to deal with wood sanding projects that require some strength, the best option is to go with a belt sander. They make your life much easier with all your sanding projects. Any sanding work requiring coarse-grit and rough sandpaper can use a bit of belt sander help.

The working mechanism is pretty simple on a belt sander. There is a belt of sandpaper that spins when you turn the machine on. Then, simply hold the machine on the wood surface where you have to do the sanding. Yes, very simple mechanism. But not the easiest task!

Don’t’ know where to begin?

Well, then I have everything you need to know, along with a quality handheld belt sander suggestion. Among many brands, Wen belt sanders are quite popular. So, here I will go in-depth on a wen belt sander to give you an idea of the whole thing.

Let’s get going here.

Check Out Of Wen Belt Sander Comparison Table

WEN 6321 7-Amp 3 in. x 21 in. Corded Belt SanderWEN 6321 7-Amp 3 in. x 21 in. Corded Belt SanderDimensions:12 x 6 x 6.5 inches
Power Source:
Corded Electric
Amperage Capacity:
7 Amps
Item Weight
6.2 Pounds
Check Price
WEN 6502T 4.3-Amp 4 x 36 in. Belt and 6 in. Disc SanderWEN 6502T 4.3-Amp 4 x 36 in. Belt and 6 in. Disc SanderDimensions:22 x 11 x 12.5 inches
Power Source: Corded Electric
Amperage Capacity:‎4.3 Amps
Item Weight:‎38.2 pounds

Check Price
WEN 6524 Oscillating Belt and Spindle SanderWEN 6524 Oscillating Belt and Spindle SanderDimensions:18.5 x 16.5 x 18 inches
Power Source: Corded Electric
Amperage Capacity:3.5 Amps
Item Weight:‎‎27 pounds

Check Price
WEN 6508 6 x 48 in. Belt and 9 in. Disc Sander with StandWEN 6508 6 x 48 in. Belt and 9 in. Disc Sander with StandDimensions:28.74 x 25.59 x 55.31 inches
Power Source: Corded Electric
Amperage Capacity:‎9 Amps
Item Weight:‎ 83.8 pounds

Check Price
WEN 6515T 1 in. x 30 in. Belt Sander WEN 6515T 1 in. x 30 in. Belt SanderDimensions:11.5 x 11.5 x 15.5 inches
Power Source: Corded Electric
Amperage Capacity:‎‎2.3 Amps
Item Weight:‎16 pounds
Check Price
WEN 6307 Variable Speed Detailing File belt SanderWEN 6307 Variable Speed Detailing File SanderAmperage Capacity:‎2 AmpsCheck Price
wen Belt sander review

What Are The Best Uses For The Belt & Disc Sander?

Getting a belt and disc sander can be one of the most intelligent decisions for sanding work. You get to use features of both a belt sander and a disc sander. So, let’s check out some of the best uses of a belt and disc sander combo.

First of all, you can use the disc sander to get the perfect edges on your project. It gives you the scope to make those curves turn out much smoother. Also, it gives you the best-looking finish on a rounded object. Its’ great for clearing out those small sanding jobs you have.

As for the belt sander part, you can simply flatten those edges and faces of your project with ease. It helps in shaping the contours and smoothening the curves inside as well. The belt sander can suit your needs for both large and small sanding tasks, provided that it has enough power.

Types Of Wen Belt Sander

When you go out searching for a wen belt sander, you will come across various choices. There are different branded models of sanders out there. However, something you should be aware of is the different types of sanders you may find.

Keeping up with that, here are the different types of wen belt sanders you can choose from.

Wen Corded Belt Sander With Dust Bag

This is a belt sander that comes with a cord for functionality. It also has a dust bag for a proper dust collection process while you are sanding. This is a great option when you don’t’ have to move around too much with your sander.

Because of the corded functionality, your movement with this may be restricted. Also, you can’t’ use this sander anywhere you want. You will need to be around a power outlet to use this one.

Wen Belt And Disc Sander

Feel the need for both belt sander and disc sander?

Well, then the belt and disc sander combination will be the perfect pick for you. Yes, you heard me right, it’s the combo where you get both belt sander and disc sander in one machine.

Not only it saves up space and hassle, but it also saves you some money at times. Since you don’t’ have to buy them separately, it gets much easier for you to do everything.

Wen Oscillating Belt And Spindle Sander

If you want to make the sanding process much easier for you, then this is the type you pick up. It is a belt and spindle sander combo that gives you two-in-one functionality. This one works pretty much like a belt and disc sander, but you get a spindle sander instead of a disc sander.

However, the best part of this one is its oscillating functionality. It can oscillate quite a lot of times within a minute, and you won’t’ have to move it up and down with your hands either. So, your whole sanding work gets much easier than you would expect.

File Sander

The regular belt sander may come with power and features, but they can’t reach the tough corners. For that, you will need a file sander.

These sanders help you reach the tricky corners and areas. You can use these for various purposes, like removing any part from the corners of your project through sanding.

Well, there is no best type of sander to choose from. You just go with the one that fits your needs perfectly.

Top 6 Wen Belt Sander You Must Check Out.

Here are six belt sanders from Wen that you should know about. Every one of them has different features that make each of them unique. But the quality you get from all of them is top-notch.

Let’s check them out one by one.

WEN 6321 7 Corded Belt Sander With Dust Bag (Wen 6321 Belt Sander Review)

This is the best sander to grasp when you have to do some sanding work for your home DIY projects.

Enough Power

It comes with a 7-amp motor that provides you great power for quick and easy material removal.

Very Easy To Maintain

Whether it’s’ making adjustments or replacing the sand belt quickly can do it very easily. It doesn’t’ have any complicated usage at all.


  • This is a value for money sander.
  • It comes with more than enough power for small to medium projects
  • The sander is easy to use
  • It’s’ very lightweight and compact
  • The motor is quite reliable


  • It doesn’t have a good dust collection
  • You don’t’ get variable speed options

Build And Construction

The sander is very lightweight, which makes it easy to hold and work for long hours. For its lightweight feature it can be used as table upper edge sander to smoothly finish table upper noises with ease. It’s also relatively compact so you can reach difficult areas.

My Favorite Feature

Something that makes it unique in my eyes is the heavy material removal. Even with the compact nature and reasonable price, it does a great job of removing materials.


You get two years of warranty on this one which is a lot considering how much you pay for it.

Check wen 6321 7 at Amazon

WEN 6502T Belt and 6 in. Disc Sander with Cast Iron Base (wen belt disk sander review)

Do you feel the need for both a belt sander and disk sander for your projects? If so, then why don’t you get this one with both the sanders in one tool?

It’s’ the perfect pick for you.

Value For Money

The first thing to admire about this one is the value you are getting out of it. It comes at a very reasonable price for a belt and disc sander.

Adjustable Belt

You can adjust the Belt to tilt in two different directions. You can keep it vertical or make it horizontal based on your needs. This gives you a lot of freedom to use the sander.


  • The versatility you get on this is commendable
  • It comes with excellent adjustment features
  • The sander is super easy to use
  • It provides you great value for money
  • You get a cast iron base for top-notch durability


  • It doesn’t’ have that much power
  • It can get overloaded when used for heavy sanding

Build And Construction

One of the best things about this sander is its build and construction. It weighs 38.1lbs with a cast iron base for extended durability.

My Favorite Feature

Well, there is no question; the versatility of the sander has to be my favorite feature. The fact that you can use a belt and disc sander in one tool is impressive in itself.


This one comes with a 1-year warranty, so it’s’ not a bad deal at all.

Check Wen 6502T amazon

WEN 6524 Oscillating Belt and Spindle Sander (Wen oscillating belt sander review)

Unlike the other one, this is a combination of belt and spindle sander. So, if you are in search of these types of sanders, this is your best option.

It Comes With Onboard Storage

A great thing about this belt sander is the onboard storage. You can keep all your accessories organized using storage—no more losing belt sandpapers.


Whether you need a belt sander or spindle sander, you get to use both on this one. The belt sanding speed goes up 1575FPM while the spindle speed can reach 2000RPM.


  • The sander is versatile in usage
  • It comes with an onboard storage
  • The build quality is quite good on this
  • It has got oscillation for preventing burn and band marks on wood
  • This is an excellent sander for the price


  • It doesn’t’ have a perfect 90-degree angle
  • You may get confused with the belt sizes

Build And Construction

The build quality and construction of the sander are pretty sturdy. The weight is around 27lbs, which isn’t’ that heavy but not the lightest one either.

My Favorite Feature

I must say the feature that attracted me the most was the oscillation. It provides better sanding results without you having to put in a lot of effort.


The sander has a 2-year warranty backup. So, you don’t’ have to worry about performance issues for at least two years.

Check Wen 6524 at amazon

WEN 6515T 1 in. x 30 in. Belt Sander with 5 in. Sanding Disc (wen 1×30 belt sander review)

Here’s another belt and disc sander combo with different belt and disc sizes. The Belt is 1×30 inches, while the disc Is 5 inches. If these are the sizes you need, then this is the perfect option for you.

Bevel The Table

Have to work on angled pieces? Well, you have got beveling tables on the sander. You can bevel both the Belt and disc to 45 degrees and work on any wood piece you want.

Double Dust Ports

There are two different dust ports for all the dust collection on this sander. It gives the sander excellent dust collection capabilities.


  • The sander comes with a heavy-duty base.
  • It has got a beveling table to work on angled wood
  • This is a combo of belt and disc sander
  • It comes at a fantastic price
  • There are two dust ports on this one


  • It doesn’t’ have the most power
  • You will need to assemble this, which can be a bit tricky

Build And Construction

It’s’ a very well-built belt sander to get for durability. The base is pretty sturdy and rugged. It weighs around 16lbs which isn’t that much.

My Favorite Feature

Well, the value for money aspect of this sander has to be my favorite feature. You are getting two different sanding types in one tool. At that price, it’s a great deal.


This one comes with a 2-year warranty, which is more than enough considering the price.

Check Wen 6515T at amazon

Also Check Out

WEN 6508 Belt and Disc Sander (Best Table Top Belt Sander)

Don’t’ have a place to keep your belt and disc sander? Well, don’t’ worry, this one comes with a stand to keep your sander.

Powerful Motor

It’s’ not just the stand for this one; it also comes with excellent power. The 9-amp motor gives you up to 3450RPM on the disc sanding performance.

Easy To Change Sandpapers

Well, this is a heavy-duty sander; even with that, it’s’ reasonably simple to change the belts on this one. The tension release lever makes the whole process a breeze.


  • It comes with excellent power on the motor
  • The sander is perfect for heavy-duty sanding work
  • Changing sandpapers of the Belt is pretty easy
  • The heavy-duty body helps in preventing vibrations
  • It’s a two in one with the belt and disc sander


  • The tool is quite heavy
  • It’s not suitable for hobbyists or DIYers.

Build And Construction

One of the strongest suits of this sander is the build quality. It comes with heavy-duty construction that prevents any kind of heavy vibration during the sanding process. Also, it’s pretty heavy with an 83.8lbs weight.

My Favorite Feature

I have to go with the fact that it’s the most powerful belt sander on this list. It’s just perfect for a heavy sanding job, and there is nothing better you can find.


This one is also backed up by a 2-year warranty, and you won’t’ be disappointed with that at all.

Check Wen 6508 At amazon

WEN 6307 Variable Speed Detailing File Sander with 1/2-by-18″ Belt

Need a smaller package to sand those tough spots? Well, then this file sander is the thing you are looking for.

Variable Speed Options

I mean, having control over speeds is already an impressive trait. This one gives you a variable speed option going from 1080 to 1800 feet in a minute.

Reach Tough Areas

This one is just perfect for giving those finishing touches to your woodwork. You get a ½ by an 18-inch belt that can reach those tricky areas with ease.


  • The portability factor is incredible
  • It has got excellent durability
  • The lightweight makes it easy to control and use
  • This is undoubtedly worth your money
  • You get good control over the speed with the variable speed option


  • It’s not suitable for medium to heavy-duty sanding
  • You can’t’ expect too much power from this one

Build And Construction

While the sander is super compact and lightweight, it’s’ also quite durable. It only weights 2.4lbs which makes it very easy to hold and work with.

My Favorite Feature

I love that this is super lightweight, which makes it very easy to work with. Adding the variable speed option to the mix makes it even better.


You get two years of warranty on this one, and you will get all the value out of it by then for sure.

Check Wen 6307 At amazon

What To Consider Buying Wen Sander

When you buy a belt sander, it’s’ not going to be as easy as surfing some option. You have to make sure that you are choosing the perfect one for your needs. How do you find that?

Well, you can simply go through some factors and consider them based on your needs. Let’s check out the factors you should be regarded as one by one.

Motor Power

Motor power is a crucial thing to consider when choosing your belt sander. The power determines how capable your sander will be. When you go for lower power, you are limited to only small sanding jobs. Does that mean you go for the highest power?

Well, no, because a higher motor power will come with a higher price too. That’s why you have to determine what kind of sanding work you will be doing. Usually, the general motor power you should aim for is somewhere around 6A to 10A.

Power Supply

Well, a power supply will make sure your belt sander is working correctly with enough power it needs. Having a power supply makes things run smoother for your sander.

You can go for a power supply of 900W when you have a 7-amp motor power on the sander. Sometimes the whole thing comes as a package. So, try going for those to get the best out of your sander.

Cordless Or Corded

Now, this is a factor you can easily decide on. If you have to move around a lot while sanding, the best option is to go cordless. In a cordless belt sander, you get a battery that powers up the sander for quite a long time. However, it’s’ not the best option when you have long projects to do.

In that case, you can go with a corded sander because that will give you the option to work for long hours. You don’t’ have to worry about running out of the batter,y. Although, here you can’t’ move freely because of the cord tangling with your sander.

Sanding Speed

There are two options when it comes to sanding speed. You can either get a sander with a fixed speed or go for a variable speed.

If you are a hobbyist and work on DIY projects, then variable speed is the perfect option. This way, you get more control over the speed of your sander and use different speed options for the other materials.

But if you are a professional, then getting a fixed speed is the best way to go. In that case, you typically have the same material to work on. Also, it gives you much cleaner results than the variable speed options.


Usually, there aren’t many accessories you can expect from a belt sander. They might just come with a dust collection bag and replacement belts most of the time. Other than these two items, you don’t’ get to see any other type of accessories along with your belt sander.

Just considering these five factors should leave you with a quality sander that suits your needs the best. As you can tell, the most critical factors you have to consider are power and speed because these things directly impact the performance of your sander.

Maintenance Tips For Wen Belt Sander

Typically, you will need to go through two basic maintenance processes on your Wen belt sander. One is to lubricate the sander properly, and the other one is to adjust the drive belt.

Before you go ahead with the maintenance process, make sure to unplug the sander. Then, check up on the parts and see if any of them are damaged or worn out.

Also, check out the alignments for the parts that can move on the sander. For example, the alignment of the Belt is essential; otherwise, you will end up with a faulty sanding operation.

After that, you can move into the lubrication process. You just have to lubricate the moving parts of your sander. You don’t have to lubricate the ball bearings as they come grease-packed from the company.

As for the Belt, you can easily adjust that following the manual you get. It’s’ quite simple in most Wen, belt sanders, and you can do it yourself. However, if you don’t’ want to take the risk, you can simply opt for a professional technician.

Other than these two, you will need to clean the Belt sander with a vacuum every once in a while. You have to make sure that you are getting rid of all the dust on the sander. It makes the belt sander last for a longer time.

Following these maintenances, processes are enough to keep your Wen belt sander lasting for a long time in the coming.

How Do You Stay Safe With A Belt Sander?

It doesn’t’ matter which belt sander you are working with; you will need to work safely. Since it’s’ a power tool, it does come with some risks as well. There are several safety measures that you should always maintain while working with a belt sander.

Here are the things you should follow

  • Always wear safety glasses when you use a belt sander. You can also use a face shield to protect your face alongside your eyes from all the sawdust.
  • You will also need to wear working gloves to keep your hands sweat-free and safe from any accidents.
  • Having a dust respirator is also essential to prevent any kind of breathing issues later on.
  • Don’t’ plug in your belt sander while the switch is turned on.
  • Whenever you have to adjust something or change the Belt, make sure to remove the plug.
  • Never use damaged or worn-out belts. Make sure to check the Belt every time you use the sander.
  • Try keeping your hands away from the sanding Belt as far as you can.
  • You should always use two hands for operating the sander.
  • Keep the motor and vents clean as much as possible.
  • You have to make sure there is proper ventilation around you whenever you are using the sander.
  • Always make sure you are not covering the vents you have on the sander.

Wrapping Up

To sum up, there is no way to go wrong with a Wen belt sander. As you can see from the list above, you have so many options to go through. All of them come with quality. They just differ in sizes and features.

Just choose the one based on your needs, and that’s it. No matter which one you choose, you get the assurance of quality.

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